5 reasons to enter PR industry competitions

Latest successes representatives of our Agency have shown us even more clearly the reasons why it is worth taking part in industry competitions. Participation in such an event is certainly an opportunity to strengthen the positive image of the company, but there are many more reasons why it is worth doing so.


1.Reliability confirmed by independent experts


Winning or receiving an award in an industry competition is confirmation of a company's high performance standards and the knowledge and creativity of its employees by independent experts. Their selected group acts as the Award Chapter and evaluates the entries through the prism of their own experience and knowledge in the given area - in this way the best projects are selected.


PR industry competitions are often organised by a specific association of public relations agencies, such as the Association of Public Relations Firms, which includes authorities in the PR industry. These types of organisations are widely recognised in the 'marketing world', and an award from them makes current and potential clients of the agency rate its performance higher.


In addition, an industry competition is also a source of valuable feedback on how a company compares to the activities carried out by other agencies.




Winning an award, or even just taking part in a competition, helps to strengthen colleagues' relationships and is also an opportunity to demonstrate yourself in a form other than through your day job.


Such an initiative is an excellent opportunity to develop new team skills, such as working together under time pressure or public speaking. This provides a very valuable new experience.


A collaborative, award-winning project that you can later boast about in front of clients is not only an 'external showcase', but is also a good employer branding tool - it's good to have the feeling of working for an award-winning agency.




The public relations industry is a group of interesting personalities, and the galas and events accompanying the competitions are a great opportunity to make new acquaintances and gain contacts, including, for example, among potential clients from different industries.


As we all know, networking is fundamental to the PR management profession, and new technologies are no substitute for face-to-face conversations and the exchange of experience, which can lead to joint projects in the future.


4.Expert (own) brand image


Taking part in a PR competition often involves presenting a creative strategy, for example related to the launch of a new product in such a way that it successfully gets stuck in the minds of consumers.


Winning an award or accolade is proof that we are keeping up to date with current communication and media trends. It is a strong bargaining chip that can later be used during a real presentation in front of a client and will help us to strengthen our expert image in their eyes.


5.Setting industry standards


The experience of winning an award in a PR competition can translate into being named as a leader in educating the industry on so-called best practices. An exemplary project within an organisation gives direction to the industry and demonstrates the effectiveness of our actions against the competition.


It is worth trying your hand at it and thinking about taking part in the next edition of a competition such as the Golden Clips or PR wings.


After all, the sheep's PR should also take care of its own PR!