A brand ambassador - do you need one for your business? Find out what it takes and how to find a brand ambassador!

A brand ambassador is usually associated with a celebrity appearing in a company's advertising, but the responsibilities of such a person can be much broader.

The role of brand ambassador is not only played by celebrities or stars, but also by specialists in a particular field and even ordinary people. Who is a brand ambassador and what are the benefits of having one?

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  • A brand ambassador is a person who, through his or her actions and statements, creates a positive image of a given company and increases the credibility of the services or products in the eyes of its audience.
  • Brand ambassadors can be celebrities from the cinema, stage or sport, but also influencers, specialists in a particular field and even ordinary people.
  • When asking yourself how to find a brand ambassador, it is worth considering the profile of a company's customers and the nature of the brand and the products it offers. The person acting as an ambassador should be consistent with the brand message.
  • There are a number of benefits to working with a brand ambassador - the main one being increased recognition of the company and increased customer confidence in it. It is worth remembering that having an ambassador always involves some risk.


Who is the brand ambassador?

Answer to question who a brand ambassador is is quite simple - it is a person whose statements, behaviour and actions influence the positive image of a brand. Their duties may include, for example, using the brand's services or products, promoting the company's campaigns or participating in its events. Brand ambassadors also often appear in advertisements or speak in the media on behalf of the organisation.

Due to their high profile and fan base, celebrities and stars often become brand ambassadors. Actors, singers, sportsmen or TV hosts are trusted and liked, which can be transferred to the brand they promote. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly common for ambassadors to become influencerswho accumulate thousands or even millions of followers on their accounts. However, this does not mean that people outside the world of show business or social media cannot fulfil the role of brand ambassador.

Experts in a particular field who have gained recognition in their industry can also take on the role of brand ambassador. Such individuals often become brands in their own right - their name, surname or nickname is also recognised by a wide audience, not just those in their professional circles. Building a personal brand enables them to be ambassadors for other brands. Amongst others, the following have been invited to work with them in this way: a hair stylist Piotr Sierpińskiwho became the face of the Syoss series of hair products, make-up artist Magdalena Pieczonka, who took on the role of brand ambassador for AA Wings of Color, or chef Robert Sowa, working for Prymat spices.

When considering who a brand ambassador is, we often forget that ordinary people, such as a company's employees or users of its services, can also become one. Such ambassadors are unlikely to appear in the media on behalf of a brand, although exceptions to this rule are found. An example is Magda Dabrowska, marketing manager Kontigowho also hosts live broadcasts on the brand's Facebook page and appears in videos on Instagram as an ambassador. Usually, however, people who work for an organisation or use its products do not speak in official media, but in private conversations share positive opinions about the company or its services. The opinions of such ambassadors are natural and come from their own feelings and experiences, which is why they are perceived as genuine. The Kontigo brand also has ambassadors in the form of its female customers. Members of the facebook group actively share their opinions about the cosmetics and give positive feedback on the company in other forums.

How do you find a brand ambassador?

It is a good idea to start the search for a brand ambassador by establishing what you expect from such a person and drawing up criteria for selection. Clarifying expectations will make it easier to select potential ambassadors and minimise the risk of hiring a character that does not fit the company profile. To begin with, it is necessary to define the nature of the brand, the values it espouses and identify its target audience. It's also worth deciding whether you are looking for a person who is thematically related to the company's activities, or whether you care more about the ambassador's characteristics that can be associated with your brand.

How do you find a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador with a direct link to the brand strengthens the credibility of the company. In this type of cooperation, it is useful to rely on the experience of an ambassador who, because of his or her work, has a basis for speaking in the relevant field. Joanna Jedrzejczyk's cooperation with the sportswear brand Puma is an example of such cooperation. The MMA athlete knows exactly what clothes or shoes work well for her during training, she is a professional sportswoman and has many achievements to her credit, so she is a genuine ambassador.

Conversely, how do you find a brand ambassador for their distinctive characteristics? In this case, it is worth considering the values the brand promotes, the associations it evokes and how its products are positioned. This is how, for example, the brand Loreal, which in Poland works with Grażyna Torbicka, selects its ambassadors. Although the journalist is not directly associated with the beauty industry, her image of a classy, elegant woman with an impeccable appearance fits perfectly with the brand's character. In addition, Grażyna Torbicka is known for her love of cinema, and Loreal is one of the sponsors of the Cannes Film Festival.

Brand ambassador - benefits

A brand ambassador matched to the brand's needs and target group can bring many benefits to a company. Thanks to such a person, the brand gains a more human face - it is identified with a specific character and not just a logo. Moreover, the ambassador increases the visibility of the brand and the products or services it offers, Thanks to its popularity, it is also easier to influence consumers' purchasing decisions or encourage them to become active on its behalf.

Who is the brand ambassador?

An example of a good match between brand ambassadors and the target group, which certainly translated into financial benefits for the company, is Koral's cooperation with Ekipa. The audience of the youtubers is mostly children and young people, so creating ice cream with their idols was a hit, although interest in the product went well beyond the Ekipa fans. Interestingly, the Team was also engaged to promote other Koral-branded ice creams that the influencers handed out from the van, but the products did not include those signed with their group's name. One can guess that with this type of action, the brand wants to increase the recognition of other products from its portfolio among the younger group of consumers.

Other An example of activities with a brand ambassador that have translated into financial success for the company is Magda Gessler's collaboration with the Masurian Alcohol Manufactory. The restaurateur and media personality promoted a crowdfunding campaign of a widely unknown liquor company on the market. Her activity, combined with the brand's other communication activities, made it possible to raise shareholder funding of PLN 2.54 million and complete the campaign successfully. The star became so involved in the business that she herself invested PLN 400,000 in Manufaktura, which showed its audience and potential shareholders that it was a trustworthy company.

Brand ambassador - is it worth it?

Working with a brand ambassador is not only about the benefits, but also about the additional costs that the organisation will have to bear. The amount depends on, among other things: the range of activities the brand ambassador will be involved in, his or her position, popularity or origin - some companies employ foreign ambassadors, which may be associated with higher remuneration. In addition to financial considerations, the risks associated with working with a celebrity should not be forgotten.

Having a brand ambassador can be helpful for company crisesBut sometimes it is the person acting as an ambassador who causes image difficulties. The inflammatory factor may be professed views or attendance at a particular event, as was the case with Marek Konrad, who went to a march of one of the political options. The behaviour of the actor cooperating with ING outraged some customers, who started to express their dissatisfaction in the media, but the bank recognised this as the actor's private activity and continues to cooperate with him. Brand ambassadors are entitled to their own opinions and views, but in the age of social media, where celebrities often share their private lives, it is worth being mindful of the risks that may arise from this.

Another risk of working with a brand ambassador may be their unfamiliarity with the company's products or services and their unwitting promotion of other, competing brands. This type of behaviour can even happen to ambassadors who have a history of many collaborations and are widely liked. An example of this is Robert Lewandowski's tweeting a post from an Apple-branded phone, rather than Huawei, of which he was an ambassador at the time. It is unclear whether the account is run by Robert himself or whether another person is doing it for him, but the media quickly picked up on the topic by asking questions about the quality of Huawei products.

There are a number of benefits to working with a brand ambassador, but you should always be aware of the potential risks involved. Now that you know who a brand ambassador is, what they do and what to look for when selecting one, it's time to start your search.

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