We create comprehensive communication strategies for our Clients’ brands. When any product or service is created, it is given an initial name, price and a target group of its recipients. This is when we are starting to create the brand. This is also the moment when you should sit back and wander: am I ready to manage my brand in a way that it succeeds on the market?

Product PR, known as brand PR, is one of the tools of marketing communication, allowing to properly manage brand’s image and to build its reliable and lasting position on the market.

The brand PR operations offered by our agency include:

·      SWOT analysis of the brand,

·      creation of a new brand,

·      introduction of the brand to the market,

·      creation of communication strategies,

·      positioning and repositioning of the brand,

·      building brand’s image,

·      cooperation and maintaining good relationships with media,

·      cooperation with ambassadors and opinion leaders,

·      support of advertisement actions,

·      press office management,

·      media monitoring and analysis,

·      marketing communication consultancy.

Brand PR constitutes and effective tool for anyone who wants to create a new brand, to introduce a brand to a new market, to start communicating a brand to a target group, but also for those who would like to change the perception of an already existing brand or for those who are searching for a continuous image service of their brands.