Case study: Public awareness campaign (P)show your heart

(P)SHARE THE HEART is a public awareness campaign that was initiated by the Department of Oncology and Oncological Surgery of Children and Adolescents at the Mother and Child Institute. The aim was to raise public awareness of childhood cancer and its early detection. The Good One PR agency team - Ewelina Jaskuła and Katarzyna Zawadzka - was responsible for the creative concept and the execution of all activities. As part of the campaign, the agency, among other things, acquired cooperation with patrons and partners, engaged selected influencers, and was responsible for preparing press materials and media relations. 

Origin of the problem

Rounce of malignant neoplasm in Poland is diagnosed in approximately 1 100-1200 children. Uncharacteristic symptoms or a hidden onset of the disease mean that in more than half of cases the diagnosis is made late - at an advanced stage. Although cancer in children is feared, their prognosis is generally better than that of adults. The cure rate depends mainly on the time of diagnosis, type of cancer and stage, but on average it is estimated to be around 70-80 per cent of. Increasing public awareness of childhood cancers and the role of early detection can have a positive impact on faster diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases at an early stage, rather than at an advanced stage, as is often the case today.


Before embarking on socio-educational activities, it is extremely important to verify the factual background. In the case of cooperation with the Oncology Clinic of the Mother and Child Institute, we had an excellent source of knowledge. The head of the IMiD Oncology Clinic is Professor Anna Raciborska, an authority in the field of paediatric tumours. Among the Clinic's experts, psycho-oncologist Joanna Pruban was also involved in the campaign.


How did the creative concept come about?

The main point of departure when creating the slogan and concept for the campaign was the heart, which can be found in the logo of the Mother and Child Institute. In addition to the main message, we wanted to show support for children and young people suffering from cancer, to carry out activities that would bring a smile to their faces. Using the IMiD logo and the motif of folding a heart from the palm of your hand, the slogan (P)show your heart was created, as well as a social media action mechanism. The campaign could be joined by anyone with a Facebook and/or Instagram profile, who, by publishing a photo with their hands folded into a heart and information about the essence of early cancer detection, not only spread awareness, but also showed their heart, i.e. their support for sick children.  

Definition of target group and choice of communication channels

In planning any communication activity, it is extremely important to define the target group so that we can choose the communication channels and tools. In the case of the (P)show your heart campaign, we wanted to reach parents, grandparents and relatives of children and young people aged 0-21 with the message, as well as young people directly. Our target group also included doctors - especially paediatricians and family doctors, who are responsible for referring young patients to specialists and for additional examinations in the event of concerns about their health. 

While social media offers broad reach to our defined target group, it was important to select influencers and celebrities to work with. We focused on individuals with parenting, health and lifestyle profiles and engaged communities. Joining the campaign (on Instagram and Facebook) were Joanna Koroniewska, Agnieszka Włodarczyk, Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra, Tamara Arciuch, Monika Mrozowska and Agustin Egurrola, among others. In addition, we established cooperation with Egurrola Dance Studio, as part of which one of the dance instructors, Kasia Mieczkowska, prepared the choreography for TikTok. The videos were viewed by 73,000 users of the platform. In social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok), there were 151 publications about the (P)show your heart action with a total reach of almost 1 million platform users.


Another channel of outreach was traditional media, i.e. television, press, radio and portals. As part of our media relations activities, we acquired 11 media patrons. These were lifestyle, health, parenting and general news media. Media patrons of the (P)okaż serce campaign included: radio RMF FM,, M jak mama, or the largest portal on the subject of oncology As part of the cooperation, the patron media published

press release we prepared, as well as unique interviews conducted with experts from the Oncology Clinic of the Mother and Child Institute - Prof. Anna Raciborska and Joanna Pruban. In addition to patronage cooperation, we also carried out extensive distribution of the press release to the media, which resulted in 53 publications with a total reach of more than 9.5 million recipients.

Involvement of partners

At Good One PR, we often work cross-marketing with our agency's clients. Such collaborations are mutually beneficial, and knowing our Clients, we know we can count on them. In order to carry out a number of campaign activities, we needed the support of Partners who would cover the costs of certain activities. That is why we invited Good One PR's Clients - Kontigo, Manufaktura Czekolady, Speedmail, RAJA Polska and Nova Wola restaurant - to join the campaign. 

Thanks to Manufaktura Czekolady and Kontigo, patients of the Oncology Clinic of the Mother and Child Institute received gifts on the occasion of Children's Cancer Day, and the Nova Wola restaurant organised a press lunch for the media. In addition, Speedmail, using the capabilities of the postal system, applied a heart - the symbol of the campaign - to the map of Warsaw to promote the campaign. It also delivered press packs to journalists informing them about the campaign, containing a chocolate heart by Manufaktura Czekolady and laurels painted by the Clinic's patients for journalists. The parcels were packaged in boxes provided by RAJA Polska. The graphic design agency DIEA, part of the Good One group, was also involved in the campaign and designed the campaign logo, as well as the information folder for the press packs. The Institute of Media Monitoring also became a partner, which allowed us to keep track of the effects of the activities, as well as to summarise the campaign numerically. The Ombudsman for Children has assumed honorary patronage of the campaign. Thanks to the kindness and great heart of our Partners/Clients, the activities were carried out at no cost.


As part of the (P)show your heart campaign, a total of 256 publications were published in social and traditional media, thanks to which information about the campaign, but also about early symptoms of childhood cancer, reached almost 11 million recipients, which we consider to be a huge success. The media patrons and all the Partners showed their full commitment and (P)showed their hearts, for which we thank them beautifully.