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Content marketingContent marketing, or content marketing, is an activity aimed at acquiring new customers and building long-term relationships with them by means of interesting, valuable content. It is a long-term activity that engages a specific audience and aims to arouse their interest in the brand or company.
These activities are usually carried out on the Internet, but may also go beyond it in the form of industry articles, leaflets, guides, etc. It is a kind of dialogue with the target group to which the company or brand provides texts, advice that are of value to them, and responds to their needs.

The expected effect of content marketing can be viral actions and search engine optimisation of the client's website. Viral activities often result from the desire to share valuable content mainly via social media and forums. Website optimisation, on the other hand, refers to the presence on the website of a lot of unique content related to the company's topic.

The most commonly used content marketing tools are: blogs, newsletters, online tutorials and your own website, updated for content.