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Corporate PR in the hands of experts

A company is like an organism embedded in a specific environment. It is a collection of internal and external relationships, each of which is important to the healthy functioning and success of the organisation. Whether you represent a small or medium-sized company or a large global brand - the we will ensure that your entire business and its communications evoke only positive associations.

What is corporate PR?

Managing a company's image is a complex process that results in an appropriate perception of the organisation as a whole. In addition to customers, it is also influenced by employees, contractors and business partners. How they perceive the company influences their final decisions, behaviour and satisfaction.

With corporate PR, you will gain control over how your brand is perceived by all those who interact with it. This is the key to consistent, incisive communication that reinforces trust, builds competitive advantage and enhances credibility. What is the result of such activities? A stable and continuously growing business. We will take care of this together.


Corporate image management. A comprehensive approach.

As part of our corporate PR services we will provide:


  • managing communication with the media,
  • preparing press releases and case studies,
  • preparing press conferences,
  • preparing the business cards of the management board and experts,
  • coordination of public speaking,
  • coordination of corporate events,
  • preparation of annual reports,
  • developing content for websites,
  • communication on mergers, acquisitions and other corporate events,
  • appropriate media exposure for key individuals from the company.

The multi-level transfers we create and coordinate will be precisely selected to a selected audience. We will take care of systematic and fully substantive communications, because we know that this is the only recipe for corporate public relations success. We will effectively show the world the values of your company and what is most valuable about it - the people.

Take advantage of our corporate PR services and give your company a professional image. Attract new customers, address the concerns of potential employees and build trust among key contractors. You can achieve this with the support of Good One PR's experienced professionals.

We know what corporate PR is all about. See for yourself that we act effectively. Together we will create a positive and professional image of your company.