Corporate PR services offered by our agency are addressed to both locally and globally operating businesses. No matter what is the size of your company, what type of market it operates on, what is the brands’ image, or what are the products and services, it is always good to take care of the company’s image itself.

Corporate PR goes far beyond simple creation of brand, product or service image. It is one of the functions of management of the whole company. By providing services of corporate PR, we are supporting companies who aim at: building company’s image, creating competitive advantage, building trust among employees and contractors, raising company’s reliability, as well as presenting company’s key individuals in the media in a proper way.

It is something natural to perceive products in the context of people and companies. That is why, the good name of the company, of its management board and employees, can have direct influence  on consumers’ final decisions.

The corporate PR operations offered by our agency include:

·      SWOT analysis of the company,

·      management of media communication,

·      preparation of press releases and case studies,

·      organisation of press conferences,

·      creation of business cards for management board and experts,

·      coordination of public appearances,

·      coordination of corporate events,

·      elaboration of annual reports,

·      creation of content for websites,

·      communication during mergers, takeovers or other important events in company’s life.