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A crisis situation in a company can happen any day. The way a company communicates with the environment during a crisis can have a significant impact on the company's image, reputation and also its business performance. A crisis situation can arise from internal or external circumstances. It can also be the result of a situation or communication that is false.


Good One PR implements anti-crisis strategies well in advance of a potential crisis in order to be fully prepared to take an appropriate stance in the media and defend the company's already developed image. We create the strategy and then implement it comprehensively. As part of our anti-crisis activities, we offer:


  • analysis of potential crisis situations,
  • Establish procedures for dealing with crisis situations,
  • training of employees on how to deal with crisis situations,
  • media monitoring,
  • the organisation of the crisis headquarters,
  • 24/7 readiness,
  • running a press office with a press officer function,
  • preparation of a post-crisis report,
  • developing a plan to rehabilitate the company's brand and reputation after a crisis.