A crisis situation in your company can happen everyday. The style of communication with the environment during the crisis can have a crucial impact on the company’s image, reputation and on its business results. This crisis situation can be caused by both internal or external conditions. It can also result from a fake communication or situation.

Good One PR introduces anti-crisis strategies long before the potential crisis may appear, in order to be fully prepared to take a proper stand in media and to defend the company’s well-established image. We create a strategy, and then we implement it in a comprehensive manner.  In terms of our anti-crisis actions we may offer:

·      analysis of potential crisis situations,

·      creation of operating procedures for crisis situations,

·      training of staff to operate in crisis situations,

·      media monitoring,

·      organisation of crisis management team,

·      operation readiness 24/7,

·      press office management, together with the spokesman function,

·      preparation of post-crisis report,

·      elaboration of brand rehabilitation plan, aiming to restore the brand’s reputation after the crisis.