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Crowdfunding is a way of raising funds, by people who do not have the cash to carry out business projects. This type of fundraising takes place on online services whose operation is based on connecting entrepreneurs without capital, with investors willing to invest in their idea.


Equity crowdfunding is the transfer of a portion of shares in a company to an investor in exchange for start-up funding for an investment. Its characteristic feature is the relatively low entry threshold, so that almost anyone can support the project of their choice. 

Investors thus become co-owners of the company, which will entitle them to a share of the company's profits in the future, either through the payment of dividends or the sale of shares if the business gains value. This form of crowdfunding is a very good alternative to a loan or an IPO, and on most platforms the only requirement is to become a public limited company, which does not generate high costs unlike an IPO.


The fundraising should be planned by first establishing the issue objective, the amount needed to meet the objectives and what percentage of shares we are willing to sell to investors. You should also prepare an Offer Document, which will clearly illustrate the situation of the company and make it easier for potential investors to decide whether to buy shares. Next, the crowdfunding campaign should be launched, so prepare the budget, timetable, marketing tools and post-collection activities. The campaign can last up to six months, as it is divided into the preparation of the fundraising, the process of issuing shares, and the steps to maintain the relationship with investors after the project is completed. It is extremely important to prepare a plan for contacting and cooperating with the media and using social media, as this will keep potential investors up to date with the most important events and information regarding the share issue.



Since the introduction of social funding, the crowdfunding market in Poland has been growing rapidly. Over the last 10 years, companies have received approximately PLN 292 million through the issue of their shares. Currently, the limit that can be raised during a crowdfunding campaign is €1 million, or approximately PLN 4.8 million. However, a number of changes are planned for the coming years, the most important of which for companies is the fact that the limits on collections will be increased - at the end of 2023, start-ups will be able to apply for funding of €5 million.