PR for the EdTech industry - how to do it right?

As online learning grows in popularity, so does the educational technology industry. One of its key players is Novakid, an English language learning platform for children. The Good One PR agency carried out effective, comprehensive B2C and B2B public relations activities for it for nearly three years. The tools we used, such as communication of original research, editorial tests, expert positioning, organisation and promotion of competitions, contributed to strengthening Novakid's position on the EdTech market in Poland.


The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 caused a huge growth in the EdTech industry, which includes educational technology projects. As the demand for online learning grew, so did the number of players competing in this market. The need to communicate brand differentiators and build brand awareness was then quickly recognised by the Novakid platform. The brand launched its operations in Poland in 2018, and its communication goals when PR communications took off in 2020 were to build a consistent image through the prism of its mission and values, increase brand recognition and strength, and create the image of Novakid as a credible representative of the EdTech market. The agency's B2C communication activities were mainly aimed at parents open to the world of new technologies, social media and aware of modern trends in teaching. In addition, we carried out B2B communication showing Novakid as a thriving and internationally acclaimed startup operating in the EdTech industry full of potential.


Good One PR agency carried out the collaboration with the Novakid brand in the period June 2020. - January 2023 and September-December 2023. During this time, PR activities translated into 950 media publications, nearly 5 million impressions and more than PLN 3 million in advertising equivalent (AVE). 



During our cooperation, we implemented an original PR strategy based on the client's communication goals, which was periodically updated and expanded with new concepts. We used various public relations tools in our activities, including activities going beyond media relations, such as: co-organisation of competitions for Novakid's clients or cross-promotional cooperation with other brands from the children's services industry.  




Data, reports are content that the media appreciate and are willing to publish press materials based on them. Based on this knowledge and experience, the agency recommended that the client conduct a survey among Novakid's parent-clients. One of them concerned Polish parents' evaluation of the level of language teaching in schools and kindergartens. We initiated the survey and were responsible for its concept, implementation, graphic design of the results, as well as for the communication plan including distribution of press materials on the subject to the media and arranging interviews in this context. Thanks to the agency's communication activities, press materials on the topic were published in key business and parenting media, such as and The results of the study also became the subject of statements by the then brand expert, educator and influencer (@nebule) Anna Trawka, in interviews arranged by the agency, including on Polish Radio. 





One of the communication goals of the activities we carried out was to show the Novakid brand as an innovative startup and expert in the area of modern teaching methods. In this connection, we took care to regularly position the brand's experts in key national, business, parenting and women's media.

In business communications, we relied on the expertise and market knowledge of the brand's CEO and co-founder, Max Azarov. His statements and expert commentaries were regularly published in the largest business and startup media in Poland, such as MyCompanyPolska, Rzeczpospolita, Angora, Puls Biznesu, and



On the other hand, we were also keen to build awareness of the Novakid brand as an expert in modern methods of teaching children, as well as to educate parents about the wise use of new technologies and the importance of learning English from an early age. To this end, we initiated cooperation with, among others, Karolina Tuchalska-Siermińska - psychologist and influencer ( Her statements were repeatedly included in press releases addressed to parenting and lifestyle media, which increased their content value. These materials were published by the largest parenting portals in Poland, such as,, and Magazyn Dzieci. 



In addition, the agency arranged interviews with the expert in, among other places, the Onet Rano programme or on the portal.






We believe that the best way to get to know a brand is to contact it directly and test its offering. That is why we offered editorial tests to the media so that journalists could see for themselves the effects of using the Novakid platform. These activities were carried out mainly in support of the 'Back2School' sales campaign during the key period of the year for the brand, i.e. from the end of August to the beginning of October.    


In this formula, the agency cooperated, among others, with the parenting portal As part of the cooperation, a representative of this editorial office held a test lesson on the Novakid platform with her child. A review of the lesson was published on the portal in the form of an article and a rich, professional photo report. The cooperation also included posts on the portal's social media.






Competitions are a very engaging tool, especially when dealing with a target group such as children and parents. This is why, when working with the Novakid brand, we carried out comprehensive promotional activities for regularly held competitions, such as the Halloween game "Trick or treat with Novakid" or "I have a dream". One of the largest competitions we were responsible for co-organising was the 'Novakid's MusicKid' project with the participation of Piotr Rubik. The scope of the agency's activities in this activity included support in developing the concept of the vocal competition, acquiring partners and media patrons, developing materials for the competition website, preparing a series of posts for social media and distributing materials about the competition in music schools, art schools, Youth Cultural Centres and other educational institutions.


Thanks to the agency's activities, publications about the competition appeared in the largest regional titles throughout Poland, such as,, Dziennik Zachodni, Express Ilustrowany.





In order to increase the level of awareness of the Novakid brand and broaden the reach to the target group, Good One PR agency recommended that the client engage with other brands offering services for children in the 4-12 age range. 


On the occasion of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the agency recommended the Novakid brand to barter with the largest network of football schools in Poland - Football Academy. The communication objective of this activity was to highlight the brand's mission of developing children's passions through English language skills, while the business objective was to reach new potential customers. The cooperation included, among other things, joint communication in the social media of both brands, mutual banner promotion on the partners' websites, development of content on both sides (dedicated Novakid English lesson for FA players and video materials with statements of FA team members on: how English can help develop a footballer's career?) and mutual transfer of online vouchers and communication in a newsletter. 

Thanks to our agency's work, the collaboration enabled the client to reach 12,000 nursery pupils, who were the brand's target group. 




Another brand that the Novakid platform partnered with thanks to a recommendation from the Good One PR agency was the Smart Kids Planet playroom in Warsaw. The agency developed the concept for the collaboration, which involved an interactive English lesson conducted online by a dedicated Novakid teacher, which was to be attended by participants of the Smart Winter Half-Kkolonia. 


In addition, the collaboration involved offering discount codes for use on the platform, which were to be given to all customers of the venue during the winter holidays, and joint communication on social media.



In summary, a well-thought-out PR strategy, including a variety of communication tools, adjusted periodically to the changing market situation and the client's needs, including those resulting from the seasonality of its services, can result in long-term, mutually satisfactory cooperation. Below are the testimonials we have received from the Novakid brand.