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Employer branding is a kind of advertising aimed at building a brand and a good image of the employer. Its aim is to attract, recruit and then retain employees in the company, using an appropriately created and consistent perception of the company. The above activities are intended to reach two target groups - current and potential employees of the company.


The first of these groups is the so-called internal employer branding, thanks to which there is a friendly atmosphere at work and we have ample opportunities for self-development. To this end, the employer offers a range of benefits, and these can be:


  • employee benefits (company lunches, fruit Thursdays, MultiSport cards, medical packages
  • a system of sales/target competitions and bonuses
  • development programmes, training packages, course funding
  • occasional gifts (birthdays, holidays)
  • events and team-building trips
  • ensuring work-life balance


Such measures reduce employee turnover as their loyalty and attachment to the company increases, so they are less likely to change jobs. In addition to additional benefits, it is also important to ensure good and efficient communication between departments, as this has a great impact on the perception of the working environment and prevents unnecessary tensions.

External employer branding are activities that a company directs to its potential employees. They are intended to make the company in question perceived by candidates as the 'perfect place to work'. Companies that boast a good image in the market can select employees from a very large number of candidates. Examples of such activities include:


  • participation in work fairs
  • cooperation with universities and schools
  • consistent maintenance of social media profiles
  • ensuring good corporate PR
  • clear and transparent job offers
  • professional interview


All the activities mentioned help to create a positive brand or company image, which has a huge impact on the recruitment process, as a highly rated company is much more likely to hire the best candidates available on the market.

In addition, how a company treats its employees is also judged by its customers, so it is important to care not only about the high quality of the products or services offered by the brand, but also about the way it is perceived by the public. This is also a very good way to gain a competitive advantage in the market, as a positive image can facilitate not only the relationship with customers, but also with suppliers or business partners.