Employer branding - you can't do without it

Building a positive image of a company as an employer is no longer a novelty on the Polish market, as evidenced by the numerous examples of image-building and recruitment campaigns implemented in recent years.

Autumn is the peak of the employer branding season. It is now that employers are entering the race for the best candidates, using a range of increasingly sophisticated and attractive solutions. Which tools are currently the absolute must have in employer branding?

Career page

Every self-respecting company that cares about positioning itself as an attractive employer today has a page or tab dedicated to careers. What should a model career site look like? Apart from the visual and technical aspects (UX-compliant design, attractive layout, intuitiveness, nice graphics, interesting content), it must, above all, be readable. It should be easy for a potential candidate to find information on career development opportunities, the benefits of working for the company or the distinctive features of the organisation as an employer. The career page should also include current job advertisements with the possibility of a quick and efficient application.

Who is doing it right? Future Processing, Agora, mBank

Social media

A good employer is located and active where its potential candidates are - i.e. in social media. In doing so, it is worth diversifying the channels and communication depending on the target group. Professionals are nowadays reached by companies via LinkedIn or Goldenline, while students and graduates are reached using their Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat profiles. At the same time, it should be emphasised that the chosen communication channel requires the employer to have the right idea, communication concept and openness to the recipient. Social media shortens the distance between the company and its audience, shows the employer "from behind the scenes", helps to establish a relationship and dialogue. Therefore, maintaining an employer's profile in social media is an art that, despite appearances, many companies still cannot cope with.

Who is doing it right? PZU Group, Deloitte

Recruitment materials

We are talking about recruitment advertisements, flyers, posters, billboards or recruitment videos. In fact, each of the aforementioned tools can nowadays - due to their sophistication and widespread use - be written off as a separate category. Generally speaking, what counts with these materials is the idea and attractive execution, all in order to attract the attention of the audience, stand out from the competition and create a WOW effect. In addition, it is also important that all materials presented as part of a recruitment campaign are consistent.

Who's doing it right? McDonald's with the "Welcome to McDonald's" campaign; Nationale-Nederlanden with the "We are not looking for Employees" campaign; Exceptional Gift with the latest EB campaign


Author of the text: Martyna