From the film library of a PR professional

The PR profession is not only a fast-paced and stressful job, but also a need for constant further training. We draw knowledge and inspiration from various sources on a daily basis. We read books, trade press, browse blogs, follow social media, attend conferences and meetings related to public relations. What else can we do to become a PR ninja? Well, we can prepare a bowl full of popcorn and watch films that not only provide us with entertainment, but also valuable lessons about PR.

Here is a subjective list of 5 films that everyone who specialises in our craft should know:

  1. Corporate PR, or Thank You for Smoking

The protagonist of the film is Nick - privately the father of a 12-year-old son, professionally a press officer for a tobacco giant. How does he rise to the challenge of being an authority figure for his adolescent son while promoting unhealthy smoking? See for yourself!

  1. The devil wears Prada, or Fashion PR

'The Devil Wears Prada' is the cult film adaptation of the novel by Laura Weisberger, Anna Wintour's personal secretary. The film shows the behind-the-scenes work in the fashion industry and presents the world of fashion magazines. If you are interested in working for fashion companies - be sure to watch!

  1. The Ides of March, or PR sprinkled with politics

The Ides of March presents the turbulent process of building and executing an election campaign by telling the story of Stephen Meyers. Our protagonist works on the campaign of a US presidential candidate, but he is more concerned with his own career than the success of his client. If political gamesmanship doesn't scare you, this is the film for you!

  1. Jerry Maguire, or PR for the physically active

The titular Jerry Maguire is a respected, influential sports agent who, in addition to professional fulfilment, is also concerned with success in his private life. Overnight, however, he loses everything he has achieved so far, but at the same time gains a chance at love. What is the job of a sports agent like? Check it out!


Author of the text: Martyna