Golden Clips 2020 handed out! Good One PR with two awards

The Good One PR agency's debut at the most important industry competition, the Golden Clips, ended with two awards. The PR campaign for the Bobby Burger brand received a Silver Clip in the category of Launch of a product, service or company, which is the highest of the awards given in this category. In turn, the communication campaign of the crowdfunding campaign Mazurska Manufaktura Alkoholi in the category of Financial PR and investor relations was awarded the Bronze Clip!

Złote Spinacze (Golden Clips) is an event awaited each year by the entire public relations industry in Poland. The competition, organised by the Association of Public Relations Companies, rewards the most effective, creative, best-prepared and best-implemented campaigns and communication activities. The projects are assessed by an independent jury of more than 80 experts. 

The 18th edition of the Golden Clips was exceptional not only because of the pandemic, by which the event together with the Awards Gala was moved to the virtual world. The competition received a record 395 entries in 36 categories. This makes it all the more pleasing that our PR campaigns were recognised and awarded statuettes!

Good One PR's debut at the Golden Clips

The PR campaign "Power Plant - don't underestimate the power of plant power!", which we implemented for the Bobby Burger brand on the occasion of the launch of the chain's first ever vegan burger, received a Silver Clip in the category of Launch of a product, service or company. Importantly, there was no Golden Clip in this category, so the silver award is the highest awarded. The jury's attention was also not escaped by the communication campaign of the crowdfunding campaign "Kraft is not only beer!", which we realised for Mazurska Manufaktura Alkoholi. It was awarded the Bronze Paperclip in the category Financial PR and investor relations. No Golden Clip was awarded in this category either.

Details of the winning projects below. 


  • Power Plant - don't underestimate the power of plant power!


The intensive and engaging PR campaign we implemented to celebrate the launch of Bobby Burger's first vegan burger was very well received by all target groups: media, influencers, the vegetarian and vegan community and the chain's existing customers.

Bobby Burger is a brand known for its 100 per cent beef burgers and is keen to highlight this fact in its regular communication. For this reason, when planning the PR campaign for the new plant-based option, we were faced with quite a challenge: how to reach consumers from two extremely different categories: carnivores, who are often averse to vegan dishes, and vegetarians and vegans, who know the chain from its main category - meat burgers? How to realise not only an impactful but also an effective PR campaign without additional resources for paid activities? 

The effects of well-chosen tools and activities include not only media success - more than 100 publications in various media, including, Puls Biznesu,,,, Men's Health,,, Nasze Miasto Warszawa - but also in terms of sales - interest in the "Power Plant" burger exceeded Bobby Burger's expectations - in the first week, sales reached the level assumed for the whole month, and half of this result was already achieved on the first weekend after the burger was introduced to restaurants!


  • Kraft is not just about beer!


The Mazurian Alcohols Manufaktury turned to our agency for support when the counter of the ongoing crowdfunding collection stalled. When joining the cooperation in the middle of the campaign, we faced numerous challenges. How, in such a short period of time and within the framework of free PR activities, to reach potential investors and encourage them to buy shares in a small, family-owned company, not widely known on the market? How to define the target group, since kraft spirits are a niche product on the Polish market? How to get the media interested in the collection, when this type of action attracts the attention of journalists mainly at the very beginning and after its completion? An additional difficulty was the fact that Manufaktura operates in the spirits sector, which, for legal reasons, limited the spectrum of communication channels and tools. 

We opted for broad communication, taking into account several strategic audiences: the local community, which knows the company and has a fondness for its premises, individual investors who follow the news in the business media, lovers of craft spirits, as well as fans of Magda Gessler, who, as ambassador of the action, encouraged not only to invest, but also the possibility of meeting her shoulder to shoulder during the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Thanks to an intensive PR campaign carried out by Good One PR, the company, which is not widely known on the market, has finally acquired a PLN 2.54 million from more than 1,000 shareholders, thus ranking 6th in the history of equity crowdfunding collections - finding itself among such well-known brands as Wisła Kraków, PINTA and Doctor Brew. In less than 1.5 months of our activities, more than 150 mentions of the crowdfunding campaign appeared in the media space. Publications on the Mazurian Manufaktura action were present in media of various profiles, including Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu,,,, Gazeta Olsztyńska,,,,,


It was a successful debut in the Złote Spinacze competition! Once again, huge congratulations to the teams of Ewelina Pulawska and Martyna Dziopak, who were responsible for these projects, and a big thank you to our clients - without the great cooperation with you, the great flow of information and openness to action, this would not have been possible.