Golden Clips 2021 and PR Wings. Good One PR with prestigious industry awards

Good One PR is an agency that has won numerous awards in prestigious industry competitions. It closed 2021 by receiving two prestigious industry awards. These were awarded for the execution of a sweet crowdfunding campaign for Las Vegan's brand, BIO&ECO vegan chocolate.

In 2020, Good One PR had its debut in the PR industry's biggest competition, the Golden Clips. In 2021 it took part again, submitting the ongoing sweet crowdfunding campaign Las Vegan's. It was awarded a Golden Clip in the 'food sector' category and a Bronze Clip in 'financial PR and investor relations'. In turn, in the PR Wings industry competition, it won first place in the 'effectiveness of the year' category and an award in the 'PR innovation of the year - next generation campaign' category. This is a wonderful recognition by an independent group of public relations industry experts, professionals working at the agency!

The communications campaign we delivered for Las Vegan's new vegan chocolate brand was a media success and more.

Behind Las Vegan's project is our long-standing client Manufaktura Czekolady Chocolate Story, a Polish pioneer in the production of artisanal chocolate made using the bean to bar method, i.e. from seed to bar. The good health of the company, observation of food trends and, above all, the experience and knowledge of the market gained over the years, led the founders to take on a challenge - to launch a vegan chocolate made only from organic ingredients with a short, clean composition. The company also assumed that Las Vegan's would be the first chocolate brand on the market to replace traditional silver and foil with home-compostable paper packaging.

The launch of the new brand was to be made possible by a crowdfunding campaign for nearly PLN 1 million, which started on 24 November on the Crowdway platform. At the same time, there were high-profile campaigns from other companies in the most popular sectors for crowdfunding issues, including Kombinat Konopny (hemp), Brokreation (brewery) and Sunday Energy (photovoltaics). Further complicating matters was the fact that the fundraising took place in December - the least favourable month in terms of the Poles' budget for additional expenses, as well as the agency's free cooperation with the media. We, on the other hand, had no funds for paid activities. So we were faced with the challenge of how to run an effective communication campaign for the crowdfunding campaign. How to attract the attention of potential shareholders and encourage them to invest specifically in Las Vegan's SA? On top of that, Las Vegan's company was established only a few weeks before the start of the crowdinvesting campaign, so it did not have a financial history built up.

As a public relations agency, we focused on broad communication, taking into account several strategic audiences: existing customers of Manufaktura Czekolady, chocolate lovers, individual investors, the vegan and vegetarian community, people for whom caring for the environment is important and shopping patriots. The engaging PR campaign of Las Vegan's crowdfunding campaign resulted in the final 361 people believing in the project, who, 5 days before the scheduled end of the issue, purchased shares in the company with a total value of PLN 999,999. The crowdfunding campaign and its communication received a positive response from the media, influencers and shareholders. In 2.5 months, there were 180 media and social media publications about Las Vegan's with exclusively positive and neutral overtones; generating a total reach of 597,007 people, AVE PLN 950,164.

Media with various profiles wrote about the share issue, including Forbes, Puls Biznesu, Parkiet,,,,,, Information about the issue was also published on the websites of major influential portals, including,,,, In the brand's social media, 37 posts were published about Las Vegan's issue, which reached a total of 123,935 recipients.

Moreover, Las Vegan's products were not available on the market during the campaign. However, thanks to the adopted action strategy of highlighting the parent company in its communications, Las Vegan's crowdfunding campaign also translated into the financial results of Chocolate Story Chocolate Manufaktura. During the PR campaign, i.e. in the last quarter of 2020, the number of transactions on Manufaktura's e-store increased by 150% compared to the same period a year earlier, and sales increased by 112%. Not only that - interest in the brand company's products was so high that from 10.12.2020 to 31.12.2020, due to a shortage of products, it had to stop sales in the e-store! The crowdfunding campaign also opened up new business opportunities for the company's management.

We are very proud of the awards we have received and thank the jury of both competitions for appreciating our work. Such prestigious awards give our PR agency motivation for further public relations activities and strengthen our feeling that we offer professional services. We would like to congratulate Ewelina Puławska, Ilona Rutkowska and Jakub Macyszyn from Good One PR, who were responsible for managing the activities of the awarded project.

Our thanks also go to our client - the win would not have been possible if it were not for your openness to new ideas, willingness to cooperate, extraordinary optimism and commitment.