Good One PR supports the Noble Parcel project

You may remember that a year ago, with a post about our Noble Parcel, we announced that we would not stop there. We kept our word! This year we also joined Father Jan Stryczek's initiative.

With the arrival of November, we were looking forward to preparing our package. The longed-for day finally came. A temporary warehouse was opened in our office. That's when it just started....

This year we decided to support a family of four. We quickly formed our ranks and divided up the tasks. Day by day, our warehouse was filling up with clothes, toiletries, food and other essentials. After two weeks, the grand finale came. All hands on deck and so we wrapped twenty-two cartons of presents. We created our Noble Pack.

This is an extraordinary and beautiful initiative! We are delighted to be part of it. At this point, on behalf of Good One PR and the endowed family, we would like to thank our clients who joined in the creation of this year's Noble Parcel. Remember, good comes back 🙂 .