Good One PR again supports the Noble Packet

Good One PR Noble Parcel 2021

Christmas is the perfect time to share goodness. The elves of Good One PR and the Good One marketing group know this well, which is why they were more than happy to join the charity event - Noble Parcel 2021. Our clients were also involved in the collection, for another year in a row, and together we prepared plenty of presents for a family in need.

It's been five years since we first turned our office into a temporary warehouse for storing gifts for the Noble Parcel. It's safe to say that this is now our tradition! With the end of November, we selected a family, familiarised ourselves with their needs and divided up the tasks in our group. 

Good organisation is essential to complete the items for the parcel efficiently, and we, in our role as already experienced elves, were up to the task with ease! Each day, more and more food and chemical products, school supplies and toiletries appeared in our storeroom. Bedding, blankets, towels, a kettle, shoes, toys and dog food were also among the needs. Also on the list was a multifunctional food processor - a very useful piece of equipment for a family of seven, which would make cooking much less time-consuming and allow parents to spend extra time playing and learning with their children. 

We invited our customers to co-create the Noble Parcel, thanks to which we not only met all the key needs of the family, but also gave them many more products, bringing them a lot of joy! The online shop and the bookshop, under the umbrella of the Glosel company, equipped the family with books, board games, interactive toys, as well as valuable food products and natural, gentle cosmetics. The HempKing brand donated health-promoting hemp food and CBD-based cosmetics to the family, while Venome provided sustainable food, sweets, cosmetics and dog food, among others. Kontigo, as it does every year, provided a variety of care products for everyone in the household. The agency's clients also joined the campaign Social Lama, which is part of our Good One marketing group. In this case, Nectaria donated natural face creams, Original Pantry donated jams and soups, Original Juice donated a set of freshly squeezed juices and Double Fruit donated candied fruit. 

Many thanks to all our customers for getting involved! We are glad that together we brought smiles to the faces of all the families we had the pleasure of supporting this year as part of the Christmas Parcel. At this point, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and, as always, remind you - good always comes back