How do you become a PR professional? About the ideal job candidate

It has become established that the public relations industry only attracts people with a humanities background. However, building and nurturing long-term relationships through reliable communication requires specific skills that people with a science background can also possess. What skills should a person who wants to work in a public relations agency have? 

An education in public relations is not the key to success in the industry. This is because people who only have theoretical knowledge often need the same amount of time to polish their craft and communication skills as those with other education.According to recruiters in public relations agencies, the most important thing is that the candidate:

  • was able to see the world around him horizontally rather than locally,
  • created factual material and press releases without problems,
  • read with understanding,
  • had the ability to search for and process information,
  • has kept a close eye on the changes taking place both in the client's environment and in everyday reality,
  • have the linguistic competences that are essential both for producing texts but also for interpersonal relations,
  • has knowledge of the management, operation and strategy development of the organisation,
  • characterised by: familiarity, diplomacy and the ability to work under time pressure.


The most important thing, however, is for the PR professional to have a strong motivation to work. As is widely known, a person is professionally fulfilled when he or she does what he or she loves.


Text author: Asia