How to communicate PC game launches to gamers? Gaming PR

Computer game launches should always be based on a specific plan, and one of its most important elements is communication. It is through communication that players learn about a production, become interested in it and create communities and so-called hype, which significantly increases sales. How, then, do we communicate computer game launches so that they resonate with gamers? 

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  • It is a good idea to start communicating with players about the launch of a computer game even before the production is due to be published
  • The key is to build a group of committed fans who will add to the excitement of the upcoming production release
  • Social media interactions generate the most fan interest
  • It is worth betting on the platforms where gamers move, such as Twitch, YouTube and Discord
  • Valuable material and language from the game and player community


The specific language of gamers, non-standard outreach channels such as Twitch or Discord, and committed fans who are often very familiar with the product are just a few of the many elements that make computer game launches different from ordinary communication. For this reason, PR activities in this area require out-of-the-box ideas and steps that cover a period not only directly related to the release date. It is worth starting communication even before the release of the game, in order to create a community around the product and build the so-called hype. It is also advisable to maintain PR activities after the premiere in order to maintain fan interest, reduce the impact of possible negative player opinions regarding the production, and extinguish potential game-related crises. However, the length of specific activities should be tailored to the needs and specifics of the client.

Impact of pre-release promotion on the success of the production

The period leading up to the release of a computer game is all the more important, the less well-known the publisher and the studio's previous productions are. In the case of popular titles and companies, fans who have already gathered are often well aware of an upcoming release and are looking forward to it and the associated premise, thereby themselves increasing the publicity of the production. It is not without reason that one of the most common ways of finding out about games among Polish gamers is from friends and family1. On the other hand, less popular productions from less well-known studios and publishers require a larger monetary contribution and more time to create a community of players before release. However, engaging the target audience before publication is important in both cases. 

A group of fans is the greatest success

In order to gather and engage a group of fans awaiting the release of a new game, it is first and foremost important to properly reach out to them and keep in touch with them. It is worth using social media here. The study "Condition of the Polish Game Industry 2020" shows that Polish gamers are mostly aged 15-24. People in this age group are one of the most active groups in social media2. The players themselves admit that this is where they most often draw their knowledge from3. The ability to interact plays a big role precisely with this medium. In social media, players can react and comment, which makes communication two-way and makes the audience even more engaged. 

It is also worth involving the game developers themselves in social media activities. This can be done, for example, by creating special profiles for them connected to the game, thanks to which the interaction of such people with the audience will additionally build and maintain trust in the brand and the involvement of fans. This also provides an additional opportunity for the game's creators to take part in controlled leaks and actions through their profiles, unlocking secrets about the game and future productions. This definitely increases the excitement of the fans and encourages them to follow the activities of the brand and its affiliates. This is perfectly illustrated by the Twitter profiles of the creators of The Sims, who often suggest or hint at future additions to the series, causing a stir among the audience. This was most evident prior to the release of The Sims 4 StrangerVille add-on. At the time, all the creators had set up profile pictures resembling possessed characters, except for one person whose avatar had a colander placed on her head. Suspicious tweets were sent from her account informing her, among other things, that no one had gotten her yet. At the same time, sentences written in strange characters were appearing on The Sims' official profile.

Twitter profile picture of @SimGuruGraham ahead of the release of The Sims 4 Strangerville 

Source: Twitter @SimGuruGraham ahead of the release of The Sims 4 Strangerville

In addition to social media, it is worth including traditional media, especially online portals, in communication. They are the third most popular source of information on games4. Even before the release, press releases about team changes, beta versions, game announcements and interviews with the developers about progress and interesting elements of the production will be perfect. 

Reach players by entering their world 

It should also not be forgotten that gamers are staying longer on other platforms than the usual target groups. Among these, Twitch and Discord are popular5Therefore, it is particularly worthwhile to carry out communication activities in these places. Minecraft, among others, follows this approach, having its own Discord where players are in constant contact with the creators. There are around 800,000 members on it. Setting up such servers is also a good solution when starting to build a fan community. The success of this can be seen in the case of Paralives, which, although it has not yet been published, has already attracted almost 77,000 followers on its Discord server. 

Source: Discord Paralives

Gamers are a group characterised by a high level of knowledge, especially in the context of the production they are interested in. At the same time, they are very sensitive to the content they receive, so communication must be very authentic and based on a great knowledge of the industry, the product and the habits of players. For this reason, it is useful to use the game world in communications, e.g. using graphics and descriptions of characters, vehicles, worlds. This is exactly the approach taken by Turtle Rock Studios, which presented the characters available in Back 4 Blood just before launch. It is also a good practice to use a specific language of the players, especially related to a given universe. Such actions are used, for example, to communicate with Assassin's Creed players, where the audience is often referred to as Assassins, and The Sims, in this case Simomaniacs. This treatment emphasises the identification of players as part of a group of people involved in a given world. 



Engage others in computer game launches

Game launches are the time when brands communicate most actively. At this time, it is worthwhile to simultaneously act vigorously on all possible channels to reach players and to involve additional entities in communication. Twitch in particular is worth using, as most revenue generated by video game content is generated on this platform.6. It is the ideal place to host, for example, a livestream presenting the game at the exact moment of its publication, to accompany players during their first experience in the created universe. Research also shows that it is a good solution for gaming communication to use YouTube7. In this case, contributions from developers on popular gaming channels will be valuable, as well as encouraging influencers to start a series of gameplay and review episodes. In addition to youtubers, it is worth involving other companies and organisations. This is exactly the kind of activity that was undertaken for the launch of Cyberpunk. Their scale and reach was such that even people who were not interested in gaming could easily find out about the game, as a result of collaboration with Adidas or Sprite. 

Source:, Sprite presents a unique edition of cans and bottles inspired by the game Cyberpunk 2077

Communication should not stop just after the launch. Subsequent information and activities can sustain player engagement, which will be valuable during the next PC game launches and additional content. It is worth maintaining social media activities and informing the media about updates, behind-the-scenes of the game, the developers' next activities, and attending industry events. Interest in the game can also be stimulated by further projects related to the universe, such as the creation of special figurines, board and card games and other collectible objects. Post-launch communication should also serve to counter potential crises that may become louder once the wave of excitement about the novelty is over. 


Effective communication aimed at gamers makes not only the game itself successful, but also the entire studio and even the publisher. Gamers are a target group that appreciates contact and is keen to spread the word about their favourite productions and the people associated with them, further publicising the launches. Often, curious gamers stay with a favourite game for a longer period of time and follow the developers for years, hoping for the next product. This makes interaction with fans, which can translate into increased sales to a large extent. However, it should not be forgotten that due to such group involvement, crisis situations may arise many times, related, for example, to fans' dissatisfaction with the studio's actions or the direction of production development. PR activities also help to alleviate such problems. 

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