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Influencer marketing is an activity carried out on social media to promote a product or brand in collaboration with influencers. An influencer is a person who creates content online based on his or her person, knowledge, experience or relationships, and strengthens his or her position through a direct relationship with the audience and their involvement in his or her activities. In this way, he or she can influence the decisions and opinions of his or her followers, so over the years, influencers have become a very important tool used in marketing activities.


The task of an influencer is to advertise or recommend a product, service or brand itself through content published on private social profiles. There is a steadily growing number of platforms on which to place your product, the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube. Collaborating with an influencer entails a number of benefits, including allowing individual contact with the customer, helping to warm up the company's image and enabling precise targeting of selected groups. Unlike classic advertisements targeting a wide audience, in the case of influencer marketing it is possible to reach individuals through the influence and credibility of our brand ambassador. In addition, such cooperation makes it possible to introduce creative ideas and the increasingly common storytelling, which allows you to get to know your product or company more closely and at the same time is not as pushy as normal advertising.

Therefore, when establishing cooperation with an influencer, it is important to remember that this person will be directly associated with our brand, so it is worth taking into account not only their reach and number of followers, but also the image they create online. Before establishing any cooperation, the target group that we want to reach through social networks should be determined, as this is the starting point for choosing the right person to represent our brand or product. Advertising activities of this kind are mainly based on popularity and credibility, which means that people often buy for themselves and their loved ones on the basis of a well-known person's recommendations. Parenting accounts, for example, are mainly based on the high level of trust that observers have for the influencer, while profiles targeting young people aged 15-25 often contain content based on current and popular trends.