Influencers - a must have PR strategy?

Influencer marketing, i.e. promotion through brand collaboration with online creators (vloggers, bloggers, instagrammers) has become an integral part of the marketing strategies of companies in almost every industry. No wonder - the statistics showing the effectiveness of this tool speak for themselves.

According to Adweek, up to 86 per cent of marketers have included collaboration with opinion leaders in their marketing strategy, while according to a CBOS survey, 53 per cent of internet users have made a purchase influenced by content found on blogs. Influencer marketing can bring many benefits to a brand. What are they? Why is it worth engaging influencers in campaigns? Here are the 3 main benefits of working with influencers:

1. Influencers create a credible product and brand image

The sincerity and creativity of influencers is something that their audience values above all else. It is for this reason that influencers' advertising of products is (usually) not pushy. It is worth mentioning that influencers are selective about the brands they choose to work with and often take up collaborations with brands that are close to them in some way - express similar values or are consistent with their image. For example, Bobby Burger, a brand that wants to be perceived as rebellious, dynamic and active works with people with exactly this image:


Many organise out-of-the-box promotional campaigns on social media channels that attract the attention of the audience. Interesting communication, carried out in a direct manner, builds a bond and retains users. In the long term, this translates directly into increased brand authenticity.

2. Influencers are effective because consumers trust online recommendations

Online creators have an extremely strong influence on the purchasing decisions of potential consumers. They inspire their audiences and their publications (Instagram posts, Youtube videos, blog posts) are a source of sought-after recommendations. The opinions posted are natural, not always flattering, considered by the audience to be simply sincere. They therefore work better than classic advertising messages because they are closer to the potential customer. An example - the brand Brest, thanks to its cooperation with the blogger Modny Tata, reached its target group with a spontaneous and unobtrusive advertising message.



3. Influencers support positioning

Is there anything that influences positioning better than content marketing? An attractive, unique description of a product or service, placed in a popular domain, combined with a link redirecting to the website or online shop is the key to the success of promotional activities on the Internet. This is exactly what we gain by cooperating with a popular blogger - see the example of the cooperation between Wyjątkowy Prezent brand and


Is working with influencers a must have for every brand? It depends on your objectives and expected results. However, in most cases, this tool will bring a number of benefits, especially if its use is well thought out. A key issue is the choice of influencer: a skilful analysis of their target audience, profile and content. Another is to consider the form and possibilities of cooperation.

Only a targeted influencer will bring success to a promotional campaign and minimise the risk of possible failure.


Text author: Ilona