Instagram with a new feature. Is it worth including in a promotional campaign?

The Stories feature, introduced by the popular Instagram app in August this year, has proved to be a hit. Although it initially caused a huge wave of outrage and was labelled a copy of Snapchat, it is now used by 100 million users. What's more, it has also proved to be an ideal place for many brands to promote themselves. Why?

Instagram's creators admitted from the outset that their new solution was inspired by Snapchat, but in practice the way it works is almost identical - Instagram users can post short videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. Differences include the fact that Instagram Stories can only feature material created in the last 24 hours, as well as the number of brushes or colour palettes available, but also the age groups of users. According to Facebook for Business, 82. per cent of Snapchat's users in Poland are under the age of 24, and half of them are teenagers aged 13-18. As for Instagram, according to, 87 per cent of users are aged 18-34. For this reason, if you are targeting a slightly older audience than Snapchat, it is worth including this tool in your campaign.

Instagram Stories - how to realise the potential?

Instagram's new solution is particularly useful for companies that would like to inform customers about their special, limited offers. If they choose to post information about a promotion that expires with a video after 24 hours - they gain the opportunity to accelerate the customer's purchase decision. Such a video can also direct Instagram users to the company's website or product page, or even encourage them to send - not so long ago introduced to the app - private messages in which customers can inquire about the details of the offer. Instagram Stories can also be used to show a company's creative process or present it from a less formal point of view. A visit to the production department, showing the process of creating a product or a behind-the-scenes video - this is what companies should focus on if they want to gain the trust of their customers.

Although Instagram Stories has only been around for three months, the app's developers have already announced that they plan to make more changes - including putting the most popular stories in the Explore tab - a place where photos and videos are tailored to the user's tastes. We look forward to it!


Author of the text: Marta