Persona and brand positioning

The key to business success is knowing your target audience well. Therefore, before a company starts active operations on the market, its owners must answer questions - who its customers will be, what their needs, likes, ambitions and expectations are. Paweł Tkaczyk, i.e. one of the most influential Polish bloggers, believes that the persona is one of the basic tools for building a brand.

A persona is the so-called invented profile of the ideal recipient. Creating such a template is an important strategic element, as it must be remembered that the recipients of any company's products are people. In an era of fierce competition on the market, it is essential to select the right target group and make it known.

Profiling a target audience requires a lot of commitment. You have to think about where your target customer comes from, what they do every day, what their interests are, what you can do for them, as well as their expectations and ambitions. This is important because it is completely different communicating with a twenty-year-old girl and a fifty-year-old woman (not even comparing with communication aimed at a man). The answers to the other questions will help to create points of contact between the consumer and the brand, which will greatly facilitate company-consumer communication.

It should be noted that the persona is not an ideal tool. When creating it, it is easy to succumb to stereotypes, which means that the profiles created are far from a real audience. As one can easily guess, an inadequately constructed template cannot provide the expected results, because communication will always go 'by the wayside' instead of directly into the consumer's consciousness. However, if a company manages to build an accurate profile of a typical audience, then it can expect big financial and image gains for its brand.


Text author: Ola