PR activities in the automotive industry. It is not only big brands such as Opel and Audi that use public relations

Promoting products and services from the automotive sector is quite a challenge for PR departments. The industry, at first glance, is associated with difficult technical language. However, PR activities in this industry - as in any other - are an inseparable element of the communication strategy and image-building of a given company. In order to conduct effective communication, it is worth betting not only on press materials and their writing style. A full range of activities is available, such as editorial tests, interviews or a report on consumer behaviour. Selecting the right ones allows effective implementation of product, corporate or expert communication.


- In automotive PR activities, it is worthwhile not limiting oneself to press materials or advertising. You need to act broadly
- Behind every automotive product there is a story. PR allows you to exploit this and tell
- Good relationships with key journalists and influencers allow you to get authentic reviews and opinions
- In automotive PR activities, the art is to reach people who are not only
those interested in motoring, but also potential users


The Good One PR agency, which deals with strategic public relations and supports clients at every stage of their brand development, has extensive experience in running PR campaigns in the automotive sector. One example of its ongoing projects for automotive companies is its work for FroGum, a Polish manufacturer of car mats and boot liners. The company, turning to a PR agency, wanted to achieve specific goals, among which were to build awareness of the business, brands and products that stand out from the competition, as well as to build the need for car mats and boot liners in the premium segment. Although the brand has been on the market for more than 30 years, it was not known more widely in the media, so the PR staff started with very little recognition.


During the 14-month project, the PR staff and their fruitful cooperation and contact with the client paid off with excellent results translating into sales. The PR activities translated into more than 300 publications, more than 4.5 million impressions and more than PLN 2.2 million in Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). Properly conducted PR in the industry
automotive has power!


PR tells the business story, or effective corporate communication


The basis of the PR strategy developed by Good One PR when working with the FroGum brand was corporate communications. The agency extracted the potential from the history of the origins of the business. It developed press materials in which it presented the beginnings of the company, the profiles of the founders, current activities and development plans in an interesting way, using storytelling. In this way, the business was given its 'human face' and showed that there were experts and passionate people behind it, who became the voice of the brand in the media. Especially because it is really interesting and passionate. The company was founded in 1987 as a communist-era craftsman's shop, producing parts and accessories for the Beetle or Maluch, and today creates accessories for the
top car models - including luxury models.


Good relations between the PR specialist and the editors, combined with the preparation of appropriate press materials and ongoing contact with the media, resulted in wide-ranging publications. Business titles in which the Good One PR agency arranged publications about the FroGum brand included Forbes, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, Spider's Web and Biznes Interia.


Product communication and mailings to journalists


The target group for the PR activities for the FroGum brand was not only men who own a car and car fans. The activities were aimed at a much broader group, which also included parents, truck drivers, pet owners and active people, among others. For this reason, the agency focused on diversifying its communication, through which it reached out to media from different categories: from motoring, general media to women's media.


One of the effective tools used by PR specialists has been unique product materials used to promote and inform about the product, raise awareness of it and build its image. In such materials, there is also no shortage of pointing out the unique features and advantages of the product in order to distinguish it from the competition and attract the attention of potential buyers. As part of our product communication, we reached out to such titles as: Auto Świat, Przyjaciółka, Na Żywo,,,,,, or Autonaprawa. The products were also present on television - on the TVN Turbo channel, which reaches people interested and passionate about motoring.


The agency also relied on editorial testing, which effectively contributed to building relationships with key journalists. The media had the opportunity to test the rugs and learn directly about their properties and form their own opinions about them. Credible and valuable reviews were obtained through editorial collaboration. Importantly, it is authentic reviews that are valuable to potential customers who are looking for independent and reliable information before making a purchase decision. This type of content is also more likely to be read and much more credible than advertising.



Expert communication and social research


One of the forms of communication used during automotive PR activities was expert communication. As part of this, we conducted communication based on technical details and advice, passed on specialist knowledge or opinions of brand professionals. As part of expert communication, FroGum was present in such titles as,,,,, Autonaprawa, Nowoczesny Warsztat and titles of Polska Press group.


Using its experience and knowledge of media expectations, the agency also carried out an opinion poll on how Poles care for the interior of their cars. A theme and questions were developed to understand consumer preferences and behaviour in the context of car care and cleaning in passenger vehicles. Based on the data obtained, a FroGum brand expert was invited to comment on the results of the report, which also included information on the popularity of TPE car mats. Active media activities resulted in a number of additional publications in reach media.


The prepared press material, together with the results of the research and FroGum's expert commentary, was published in titles such as,, and, among others.




In summary, Good One PR agency's comprehensive approach to automotive activities, based on a properly constructed strategy using a variety of communication tools, is key to success in achieving meaningful results. From business stories and corporate communications, to undertaking effective product activities and dispatches to journalists, to expert positioning and social research. All these elements form a coherent picture of an effective PR strategy that translates into real benefits for the brand.


The example of the cooperation with FroGum shows that products that at first glance do not seem like something interesting to promote - such as car mats - can be present in the media space. This proves that in the automotive sector, not only big brands, but also smaller companies can achieve success by using strategic public relations to build their image and position in the market.