PR beyond borders - short report on the 1st International Congress of the 3AWW Network

It is nothing revelatory to say that in the work of a PR specialist, it is necessary to keep abreast of what is happening in our Polish backyard, as well as to observe and learn from foreign markets. Observation is one thing, but equally important - in the context of developing a company and improving the quality of services - is the exchange of knowledge, experience and building relationships at an international level.

That is why, since 2014, we have had the pleasure of being part of the international 3AWW Network, which brings together more than 40 agencies from all over the world specialising in PR, marketing and digital. From 15-18 September, we also had the great pleasure of attending the first ever congress of the aforementioned network, the 3AWW Network, which took place in the beautiful and how conducive to building industry relationships Lisbon 🙂

We spent a lot of time in Portugal (of course, apart from having fun, sampling local delicacies and sipping Porto or cruising the Tagus River - oh, the hard work;)) discussing the characteristics of the market and clients from different countries, useful tools and modern communication solutions, the challenges facing our industry, or the benefits of international cooperation within networks such as the 3AWW Network. Our participation in the congress therefore brought us, above all, a powerful dose of knowledge, inspiration and motivation, as well as some interesting conclusions:

  • 360º communication, digitalisation and personalisation of services are currently the most important trends when it comes to PR and marketing worldwide


  • Price is still one of the most important criteria for selecting a PR agency, not only in Poland, but also from an international perspective, when it comes to tenders for PR services


  • Big and well-known brands do not necessarily choose big and well-known agencies - what counts more and more is an individual, creative approach and the possibility to build a close relationship with the client


  • Clients increasingly value the possibility of a comprehensive and integrated service - it is no coincidence that more and more agencies are creating specialised departments or a whole group of entities responsible for particular aspects of image building


  • Infome fee is slowly becoming a thing of the past - more and more agencies are settling accounts with their clients based on the success fee


  • An increasing proportion of clients are start-ups, so so-called start-up PR is now having its five minutes


  • Testimonials are one thing, but it is equally important to have ongoing evaluation and regular feedback from the client on the level of satisfaction with our work and its results.


  • Robert Lewandowski is our absolute export hit, loved especially by fans in South America and MexicoJ


  • The final and most important conclusion - PR is not a job, it's a lifestyle!!!


Author of the text: Martyna