PR in the field, or a press office with a medal

In the case of high-profile events, where a lot of journalistic interest is expected, it is a good idea to set up an on-site press office. It is not only key to efficient media coverage of an event, but also an opportunity to build relationships with journalists in a less formal setting. What should we keep in mind when 'building' our press centre so that it serves not only us, but also the journalists present at the event?

  • Location


Above all, remember that the press office is supposed to be the first place where invited media representatives go. It should therefore be well signposted, especially if it is not in the centre of the event. Before the event, make sure to inform journalists of the location of your office and provide them with a contact person they can call if they have problems reaching you.

  • Accreditations


The issue of accreditation largely depends on the specifics and scale of the event in question. Even before the event, it's worth considering whether accreditation should be obligatory for all media, what form it should take, how far in advance the journalists must register their presence, whether we have a limit on seats, etc. Let's also remember to keep the accreditation process simple and transparent so as not to discourage the media with complicated formalities.

  • Press office equipment


On a 'good day', it is worth equipping journalists visiting our office with a set of information about the event, including the agenda. Traditional press folders are becoming obsolete, so let's rather rely on the preparation of electronic press materials.

The press office is also the point where a journalist can develop material on the spot - edit coverage, rip photos etc. Therefore, access to the Internet and electricity is an absolute must. It is also worth thinking about having a separate area for recording interviews - prepare a suitable background, sound system and equipment. If you are planning press conferences/briefings during the event, also think about space for them, microphones or a journalist's cube.

  • Press office services


The people manning the press office should above all be organised, competent and communicative. It is a good idea for them to have had previous contact with invited journalists and to know the specifics of their work in order to provide real support for them. Every event carries the risk of a crisis situation - so make sure there is someone in the press office who can skilfully respond to potential problems.

  • Working comfort


It may be obvious, but let's make sure that those working in the press office are comfortable. Let's prepare drinks, hot and cold snacks. Equally important is a properly equipped and tidy sanitary area. If you are facing an all-day, exhausting event, think also of an area where you can relax for a while.


Author of the text: Martyna