Real estate PR - fashion or necessity?

A consciously and consistently developed image ensures companies' existence in the minds of customers, potential business partners or employees, and translates into business results. In today's highly competitive market, it plays a special role. That is why companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate, should consistently build a positive image. This also applies to property developers and the property market, which has been growing rapidly for several years.

Conducting public relations activities for real estate companies by a public relations agency is one of the biggest communication challenges. This is due, among other things, to the specificity of the market in which property developers operate.

Nature of the property market

The property market is a rather specific and difficult area for the companies operating in it. Information in the media about margins imposed on flats, excessively high prices or fraudulent activities does not have a positive impact on the image of the entire developer community. After each such announcement, customers lose confidence and approach the topic of purchasing a flat with greater caution. In addition, there are more and more developer companies on the market and, consequently, the number of investments is also increasing. The specifics of the industry are also influenced by the activities carried out by developers in a very similar way, which are often limited to leaflets, press advertising or outdoor advertising.

Action planning

The difficult real estate market requires a multi-faceted approach from the public relations agency. Taking care, first and foremost, of the image of the developer itself, of the investments carried out, and often also of the agency which sells the flats. The activities must include communication with the media, as well as building and maintaining good relations with clients, people who live near the investment, authorities or employees.

A coherent strategy is the key to success

Preparing a strategy in line with the company's mission and vision is the first step that should be taken at the beginning of any cooperation between an agency and a developer. Determining the objectives and how to achieve them will be the basis for planning subsequent activities. Once the plan is set, the time for implementation comes. Media relations, internal communication, social media, sponsoring, organising events or crisis response is the ongoing work of the agency. The most important thing is to work on a long-term and regular basis to develop the developer's desired image. Each new project also involves appointing a person to lead it. The role of the manager is to select the right person to lead the project from start to finish.

The power of customised action

As part of the activities carried out for companies in the property development industry, it is worthwhile to move with the times, keep up to date and also implement non-standard actions. Video news or cooperation with bloggers are actions that will certainly allow you to stand out among your competitors. Messages sent in the form of video with sound and image are more interesting than text information and arouse greater interest among recipients. Such material is ideal for external communication to publicise, for example, an important event, to report on a company's anniversary, or in crisis situations to react quickly and communicate with journalists. In turn, influencers - opinion leaders who are perceived as a reliable source of information - are also playing an increasingly important role in promotional activities. There are more and more professional bloggers with a large reach on the Polish market, so it is worth taking advantage of their creativity and proposing that the client carry out a non-standard promotional action. A well-thought-out and carefully prepared action can generate great interest in a product or service.

The activities carried out by public relations agencies for real estate clients require both standardised and off-the-charts actions. Bold actions, creative approaches and openness to novelty are the key to success.


Text author: Kasia