Product launch. How to achieve success through PR activities?

Launching a product or extending an offer with another service is quite a challenge. At a time when competition is not sleeping and consumer attention is increasingly fleeting, even the most groundbreaking idea can go unnoticed without the right public relations activities. Find out how cooperation with a PR agency can translate into interest in your company's new offering and long-term business success!

Wondering whether public relations is actually public relations and what benefits it can bring to a brand? You can read more about this here.


In this article you will read:

  • why work with a PR agency when launching a new product or service?
  • at what stage of the product life cycle is it worthwhile to include communication activities?
  • how to get potential customers interested in a new product and stand out from the competition through PR activities?
  • what public relations activities can support a new product launch?
  • what results can you expect when using a PR agency to expand your brand portfolio?


New product launch - why is PR necessary?

A new product launch should be supported by tailor-made PR activities. The finished product and its availability on sale are not enough to attract the attention of potential customers. The product range on its own has no voice - it cannot talk about its benefits or convince people to try it out. Of course, products from well-known brands can appeal to consumers with their reputation, and packaging and leaflets provide valuable information. However, the market for new products is overcrowded, so all this only becomes relevant when something intrigues potential customers enough for them to take the time and attention. So how do you stand out from the competition and cut through the information noise?

In this context, PR communication that helps to reach the awareness of the audience in a natural way is key. inter alia. through tailored messages in the media, collaboration with influencers or other non-standard activities. Thanks to the activities carried out by a professional PR agency, a relationship will be created between the brand and the consumer that will make them stop, pay attention and, ultimately, choose the product or service in question.



New product launch - what does it look like to work with a PR agency?

Working with a PR agency on a product launch starts even before the product goes to final sale. This is the best time to establish communications that can influence the entire product life cycle and achieve business success.

So what should a new product launch look like with the support of an agency? Initially, all the necessary information about the novelty and the brand itself is gathered from the client. At this stage, the inter alia. the differentiators of the product or service, its audience, the needs of the target group, the promotional activities of the brand, the timing of entry and the distribution channels. The competition is also discussed and, of course, the objectives the company wants to achieve. At the same time, a dedicated team performs independent research to deepen their knowledge and put the project into perspective.

A product launch strategy is then developed in terms of communication activities. This is a document that answers the questions of what, to whom and how to communicate in order to build the desired image of the product launch. The PR strategy includes inter alia. the key messages and communication objectives, the tools to be used, the audience and media groups, as well as the implementation schedule and budget. The agency may also propose to work with an ambassador to increase the credibility of the new product, if the brand is not already working with one. The strategy is discussed at a meeting with the client and, once approved, the process of putting the activities into practice begins.


Product launch - standard communication support

Are you planning a product launch and wondering what cooperation with a PR agency will look like? When planning long-term communication activities to support a product launch, a dedicated team tailors the PR tools used to achieve the desired goals. Standard elements of PR activities include media relationsThe media relations function, i.e. building and maintaining relations with the media. This is based on developing and delivering interesting press materials about a new product or service and arranging interviews with its creators, ambassadors or experts. This gives journalists a chance to learn about the brand's existence, interest and news, which translates into publications in the press or on the Internet that potential customers will encounter.

As an example of media relations activities supporting a product launch, there are those carried out by our agency for the men's skincare brand true men skin. As part of our cooperation, we developed inter alia. press releases about new products, advice articles or short product business cards with the most important characteristics of the preparations. This resulted in numerous publications about the brand and the new products in the press, as well as on Internet portals. We also arranged interviews with the brand's founder, an expert dermatologist and its ambassador, Maciej Zakościelny, which appeared in top websites, radio and television.

As part of media relations during a new product launch, creative packs are also prepared with products or invitations to use the services. This gives journalists the opportunity to see the offer 'live'. It is also a great excuse for the media to carry out editorial tests. Perhaps the editor is a future potential customer of the brand who, delighted with the brand's product, is willing to share his or her impressions with readers.


Product launch - influencer marketing

However, PR activities supporting the launch of a new product or service do not focus solely on the standard media. After all, today's opinion leaders are not only journalists, but also influencers. For this reason, communication for the launch of a new product must not lack cooperation with people from the world of social mediawhich will support the building of awareness of the news among the target group.

A professional PR agency will select the right influencers to work with, who are not only popular, but above all trusted. It is not a question of presenting a new product or service on a profile with the greatest reach, but on one that is credible, thematically matched and has a committed audience.

We invited such people, among others, to test and present the new Las Vegans chocolates. As these were vegan sweets, we selected profiles focusing on a plant-based diet, and numerous posts appeared online presenting the products and describing their quality and taste qualities. The publications reached several hundred thousand social media users, building awareness of the new brand and increasing its sales. Meanwhile, as many as 40 influencers were involved in informing and promoting the opening of Poland's first Museum of Real Chocolate, presenting it as a must-see, which significantly increased the number of visitors.


New product launch - non-standard measures

Product launches are also accompanied by non-standard PR activities. These may include, for example, creative campaigns aimed at increasing product recognition and generating interest in the product among potential customers.

One such initiative was a social media campaign we carried out for the HempKing brand at the launch of CBD oils for pets. As part of the 'Animal Confidences' campaign, we encouraged social media users to publish posts on their profiles showing how they support their pets in stressful moments, which referred to the properties of the new products. People taking part in the campaign could win product kits, and for each entry, the brand also donated oil kits for the charges of animal welfare foundations.

Other examples of non-standard activities supporting a new product launch include events. They are an excellent opportunity to present a novelty live, give voice to its creators, stand out from the competition and mark the brand's presence on the market. In order to build recognition of the new Lajuu cosmetics brand, we organised an event in a fashionable Warsaw restaurant, to which we invited journalists and media personalities. Those present at the event could not only feel the spirit of the brand, test the new products, but also talk to the star and ambassador of the cosmetics - Weronika Rosati. Reports of the event appeared in the media, and the brand's new products were eagerly presented in the press and women's services.


Benefits of working with a PR agency for a product launch - summary

  • Working with a PR agency on a product launch brings you closer to achieving business success. From the outset, it supports the building of a positive image by creating a coherent narrative and communication strategy, which translates into a favourable reception of the novelty.
  • PR communication increases the visibility of a new product or service that stands out among the competition. The agency is experienced in selecting and using appropriate communication channels and activities with which to reach a brand's target audience.
  • Systematic communication and brand presence in the media helps to build consumer trust in news. Trust is crucial to success in the market, and a professional approach to communication can help strengthen it.
  • The agency tracks consumer reactions and public opinions about the product. This allows it to react quickly to changes in trends and sentiment and to adapt its communication strategy.
  • When unexpected situations or negative reactions to a product arise, a PR agency is able to effectively manage the crisis.


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