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A product launch is nothing more than the process of planning and rolling out a new product, brand or service to the market. It is the phase that builds awareness of the product and allows you to gain acceptance from potential customers. It consists of a number of steps, although the first step is to start with understanding the customer's needs. It is also necessary to analyse the market in detail to see if there are substitutes for our product, how strong the competition is, what market barriers exist, what customers are missing and to assess the opportunities and threats that the brand will face when launching the product. Remember to avoid copying the competition at all costs and instead focus on highlighting the uniqueness of your product.

Next, it is crucial to develop a marketing strategy, which should start by establishing the goals we intend to achieve and what our target audience looks like. It is worth setting goals based on the SMART method - they are to be specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time-bound. At this stage, it is also necessary to analyse in great depth what characteristics the "ideal customer" has, i.e. their preferences, problems, what makes them different and how to reach them. For each target group, the channels and means of reaching them should be defined individually. A great deal of emphasis should be placed on contact with potential customers via social media of all kinds.


The next steps involve thinking through a detailed timetable, calculating potential costs and establishing ratios to monitor the effectiveness of individual activities. The success of a brand largely depends on the right combination of distribution strategy and price and product promotion. It is extremely important to tailor the marketing promotion to an already defined target group. The handling and preparation of social media material should be planned well in advance, the scope of advertising campaigns should be determined, and public relations support should be provided. When launching a product, it is very important to properly prepare the website and implement SEO and SEM activities to position the brand online.

Our agency supports clients at every stage - from the initial concept, through recommendations, to the final communication of the product to the relevant audience. Once the objectives have been set together, we monitor the entire product launch process and provide problem-solving support.