The 4 lives of a report - how to get media attention for your own report | Promoting an industry report

Promotion of the industry report

A factual report based on the client's own analyses is undoubtedly one of the most valuable materials that can be released to the media as part of PR activities. Appropriate communication allows not only expert positioning of the client, but also publication of the results in major titles. If, in addition, the data is sufficiently unique and valuable, the media use it repeatedly, making the material gain even several lives. How do you make the most of the report's promotional potential? How do the biggest brands do it?


  • The comprehensible, interesting and accessible presentation of the data encourages the reader to read the self-report. 

  • The topic of the report should fit into important and topical areas in the media or the industry.

  • Media appearances and comments in conjunction with wide distribution of the report increase the potential for promotion.

  • Once the material has been appropriately positioned in the media, the report functions on its own and gains more than one life from the repeated citation of data by journalists and other companies. 


For a company, the promotion of an industry report is a broader positioning of the company as an expert in the chosen field, an opportunity to increase recognition and build valuable relationships with the largest national media. Unique research often makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of a particular area, updating existing knowledge and providing factual substance for journalists. Good One PR Agency carries out promotion of industry reports in a variety of areas as standard. The publication of research and reports has been used, among others, in Kearney's communications, which has allowed it to build lasting relationships with titles such as 'MIT Sloan Management Review Polska', 'Rzeczpospolita', 'Dziennik Gazeta Prawna' and 'Biznes24' television, as well as hundreds of publications arising from even a single communication. Meanwhile, the agency's activities related to the Kearney report 'Global Services Location Index', which presents the attractiveness of countries in terms of attracting investment in modern business services, translated into more than 130 publications, almost 8 million impressions and almost 2 million advertising equivalent (AVE) during the two months of communication. 


Promotional results of the Kearney report


1 life of a self-report - data presentation 

The appropriate selection and presentation of data is key when promoting an industry report. It is important to identify currently relevant topics for the media or the industry, to which new perspectives and data are worth contributing. This can be helped by a PR agency which, thanks to its experience, among other things, identifies the threads with the greatest potential for media coverage. However, in addition to a well-chosen theme, the presentation of the data is equally important. A crude report even with ground-breaking results may not capture the attention of either readers or journalists. A press release, on the other hand, when properly edited, highlights key results and themes. This allows the company to stand out with its activities, opinions and data.


2 life of a self-report - seizing the opportunity 

It also happens that a report has the potential for several communications. This is the case when it raises a number of relevant themes. It can also fit into current industry discussions at a given point in time, giving it an extra edge in communication. This is precisely the opportunity Good One PR agency saw in the Kearney report 'Europe's urgent need to invest in a leading-edge semiconductor ecosystem' about the European semiconductor market. The agency split the communication into two parts. In the first, it reported on the client's own report and the difficulties of semiconductor manufacturing in the European Union. The second part, on the other hand, was combined with the relevant topic of the EU's European Chips Act regulations at the time in the industry. This significantly improved the promotion of the industry report, generating from the two press releases more than 90 publications and around one million reach during the press release mailing period. Mentions of the report appeared in major Polish opinion media such as: "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna", "Rzeczpospolita", "Parkiet",, or and industry media such as, or "Production Manager". 


The 3rd life of a self-report - speeches and comments by experts

The promotional activities of an industry report can also continue through the arrangement of expert statements. Editors and media with an appropriate interest in the data may themselves request additional statements or exclusive comments. The PR agency, building on the relationships developed, can also itself offer statements on a given topic to journalists. The in-house report can also be repeatedly referred to in the context of current events and developments in the topic, leading to further arrangements for expert speeches in the long term. The Good One PR agency, in the context of the Kearney report on semiconductors, arranged in this way for publications on Biznes24 television or the Puls Biznesu newspaper, among others, using the topic when the construction of a semiconductor factory by Intel near Wrocław was announced. 


The 4th life of a self-report - the media's return to data 

A well-promoted proprietary report can run in the media long after its publication. Journalists have easy access to the data, which makes them eager to use it for subsequent material, referring to the company's research again, sometimes even months or years later. As a result, the report begins to function independently in the media circuit. Other brands are also taking advantage of it, using the data in their own press releases. An example is the reference to Kearney's own European Retail Banking Radar report in W.Kruk's communications when the brand decided to introduce Mokka deferred payments. Kearney's data at the time showed that 62 per cent of Poles had used deferred payment at least once. The W.Kruk brand used the information to underpin the message about the changes being made. In contrast, the Kearney report on semiconductors was still used almost a year after its initial publication. "Strefa Biznesu" used data in its print article on semiconductor manufacturing opportunities in Pomerania, according to which the rebuilding of the semiconductor ecosystem in Europe could generate GDP growth of €77-€85 billion. 



Effective promotion of an industry report can translate into strong brand interest. The material can also have the potential to sustain attention in the long term. For the company, it is all about raising the profile of the company in a particular subject area and highlighting the in-depth knowledge that the organisation has. If you are planning to promote an industry report, are thinking about building an expert brand image or would like to carry out more activities related to your own reports, please contact us!