Ranking of public relations agencies - Good One PR one of the best rated agencies in the industry

The November issue of the monthly magazine Media Marketing Polska published a ranking of the best public relations agencies. The report was based on a survey conducted by Kantar Polska. We took part in it for the first time and received some of the highest ratings in the industry!

The client satisfaction survey covered 18 top PR services firms, diversified in terms of size, scope of operation and specialisation. During telephone interviews, clients of the selected agencies answered questions about their cooperation with the respective company, both in general and in detail. 

General categories

Customers rated the overall cooperation with our agency - 4.8 out of 5. Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Be Communications, ITBC Communication, Walk PR and Weber Shandwick also boasted such a score. Our customer service standard (4.9 out of 5), placing us second in this category. In terms of media relations we became one of the best-rated agencies (4.8 out of 5). In the category policy and public affairs We received the second best rating - 4.8 out of 5. Only Solski Communications was ranked higher than us. Our clients also considered the preparation and implementation of our strategyrating it 4.6 out of 5. issue management and crisis management also We were awarded a high score of 4.4 out of 5.  

Specific categories

Clients appreciated us for being transparent about our finances. According to them we provide clear and detailed information on how the client's budget is spent (5.6 out of 6). Only Havas PR, Lightscape and Weber Shandwick agencies can boast higher scores in this category. According to Good One PR's clients, our the services were considered to be worth the remuneration paid - assessment 5.3 out of 6. They also appreciated the values we live by, allowing us to once again boast the second highest score, this time for observe professional ethics! Clients rated us 5.9 out of 6, placing Good One PR right alongside Havas PR and the Communication Plus Group. Our professional ethics apply not only to working with transparent, trustworthy companies, but also to proposing PR activities that meet high standards. Clients have also appreciated our good reputation in the sector (5.4 out of 6). As PR practitioners, we are very pleased about this because, after all, we are the ones who deal with reputation building on a daily basis and we know how important it is in the perception of a brand. According to our clients, very good (5.5 out of 6) we seek to understand the operating policies and culture of the client organisation. Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Be Communications, ITBC Communication and Marketing & Communications Consultants received an equally good rating in this category. Identically high, again at 5.5 out of 6, we understand our clients' business and the market situation of their industry. It is obvious to us that we need to know their area of activity in order to provide an effective and forward-looking PR service. As a result, we can boast the effectiveness of PR campaignswhich customers rated 5.4 out of 6. They also considered that we offer a strategic and long-term approach to the implementation of contracted activities (5.4 out of 6). In addition to systematic work on our clients' image, we constantly monitor communication trends and the media situation. We keep our finger on the pulse so that, if necessary, we can react quickly and stop an image crisis. Our strategy includes not only relevant preventive measures, but also a blueprint for dealing with unforeseen situations. We are delighted that our clients have singled us out specifically for responding swiftly to emerging risks which may lead to emergencies (5.6 out of 6). Also often appreciated is our Membership of the Good One Groupwhich is made up of agencies such as Social Lama, SeoFly and Good One PR. Thus, we are able to support our clients comprehensively. This is why they acknowledged that we offer a comprehensive service in the digital environment (5.3 out of 6), placing us on the podium with the third highest score. Our innovative approach to company/brand communication customers rated 5.1 out of 6. In terms of professional training of employees in the client's brand and company communication principles We were awarded a score of 5.3 out of 6, along with Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Solski Communications and Marketing & Communications Consultants. 

Ranking of public relations agencies - the podium! 

W general area The average rating for our agency was 4.7 out of 5, and in the specific dimension 5.4 out of 6. In a scope of activity such as ours, only Solski Communications and Havas PR agencies were rated higher. It is noteworthy that with our scores we found ourselves above average in absolutely every category! 

Entire report "Public Relations Agencies 2020" available at November issue of Media Marketing Polska, pp. 78-92.


Author of the text: Karolina Kapusta