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SEO PR allows you to effectively build a positive brand image on the Internet. This service is an activity combining e-PR communication and SEO activities.
SEO PR is an activity that supports the natural positioning of websites and brands on the Internet for the client's key phrases. We ensure that press releases are appropriately created and placed online in specific media. These media in the case of an SEO PR service are usually selected qualitatively in terms of SEO. The quality of the website (as assessed by search engines) is more important than its image value. The aim is to place press releases with a backlink as effectively as possible on websites with the highest SEO rating.

As part of our SEO PR service we offer:

  • analysis of key phrases for the client,
  • preparation of SEO PR strategy,
  • creation of memos and press releases,
  • cooperation with online media,
  • advertising cooperation with the media,
  • monitoring and reporting of results,
  • e-PR and SEO consultancy.