Snapchat - why is it so popular?

There are 1.3 million registered Snapchat users in Poland, 60 per cent of whom are women, and 82 per cent of snappers are under 24 years of age[1]. According to official statistics from June 2016, Snapchat users send 800 million photos and videos per day. What makes snaps so popular?

It is noteworthy that the creators of the 'soul of our time' have fitted perfectly into a niche in the app market. This is no mean feat at a time when it might seem that everything has already been done. The app's popularity is also heavily influenced by the fact that Facebook has become less interesting and engaging for young people. Snapchat, on the other hand, has perfectly responded to the need for quick, light, simple communication that takes place without comments or likes. If someone wants to respond - they will respond with a photo; if not - they will not perform any activity. One could venture to say that it is a form of communication that is less demanding and even simpler than posts made on Twitter or Facebook. We take a picture of what is happening here and now, under the conditions we are in. We don't have to add anything, describe or comment, and our friends can see what we are up to anyway.

However, there is one drawback to this super app. If we want to be noticed on Snapchat, we need to gain popularity on other social media beforehand. According to data from the July 2016 Facebook for Business report, the top ten most popular Polish Snap users are: Littlemoonnster96, Maffashion, Deynn, Stuu, Majewski Trenuje, Marcin Dubiel, Banshee, Rafał Jonkisz, Ewa Chodakowska and Rafał Maślak.

However, this does not deter potential users and Snapchat is becoming a more popular form of communication every day.


Text author: Asia

[1] Facebook for Business data - July 2016.