Talk to me more, or a brief summary of 2018 in the PR industry

As the year draws to a close, it is time to take stock of the past and make plans for the future. Before you indulge in the New Year's Eve madness, we invite you to read our summary of the past year in the public relations industry.

This year, 'RODO' has been referred to in every possible way. However, (almost) everything has already been said on this topic, so we will not repeat ourselves. Instead, we present the most important - in our opinion - trends of 2018.

TikTok frenzy

Probably all of you are familiar with TikTok (formerly, right? No wonder, since this app is used by nearly 600 million users worldwide. In the beginning, short videos based on lip-syncing were the domain of the youngest. However, the initial covers of well-known hits quickly evolved into a daily vlog to which youngsters invite their parents and grandparents. The popularity of TikTok is also evidenced by millions of fans of the most popular Polish creators, hundreds of thousands of views and a large number of comments under each video they share. Next year will certainly show whether this Asian app will surpass Snapchat or Insta Stories, which have been popular this year.

Podcast power

Producers of various podcasts will certainly count the past year as a successful one. Nilsen's research shows that every fifth Polish internet user aged 19-49 is very keen to play them. An unquestionable advantage of podcasts is that those interested can play their favourite programmes whenever and wherever they want. They listen to them everywhere: on the way to work, on a business or holiday trip, at the gym, as well as while preparing breakfast or before bed. Will podcasts gain even more popularity in 2019 and become one of the most important communication tools?

Getting along with influencers

You're probably wondering why we're writing about collaborating with online creatives when influencer marketing has been king for several years now. The issue is very simple. Despite the fact that the industry has recognised the great potential of appropriately created and selected long-term activities with influencers, it was only in the past year that the dangers of such cooperation began to be discussed. We are, of course, talking about fake likes, bot observer activities or artificially pumped up reach. In our opinion, cooperation with online influencers will be an important part of the communication strategy next year, but brands will be more cautious when selecting influencers for cooperation. In addition, the 'attractiveness' of an influencer will not be determined by the number of likes or subs, but by their authenticity. This is why micro-influencers will have even more of a say next year.

The PR industry does not like stagnation and is looking for different, alternative solutions. However, the past year has reminded us all that the word has great power.


Text author: Asia