The role of the event in building a positive corporate image

Events are among the most popular public relations activities, aimed not only at building a positive image among the public, but also within the company. What is worth knowing about their organisation and what benefits can they bring to a company?

The fundamental premise of organising a good event is to attract a target audience and generate interest among the media. It is very important how the event is organised and whether its character is unique and distinctive enough for the company to be remembered and well associated by the audience.

The most common events include press and online conferences, Face to Face meetings with the media, meetings with opinion leaders, company events such as openings or product presentations, and events held within a company - integration events. Each of these has clearly defined objectives. Firstly, to generate publicity around the company, and secondly, to create a positive image of the company in the environment - both external and internal. In the case of events dedicated to potential customers, in addition to the two most important objectives, it will also be to create awareness of the company among the environment and to shape positive attitudes towards it, while in the case of events organised for employees, it will primarily be to motivate and encourage them to achieve higher results in their work.

The scale and type of events may vary depending on the company, its needs and expectations. However, it is worth remembering that a well-planned and organised event can not only present a company and its products, but also make it recognisable and attract customers.


Author of the text: Marta