User Experience - designing a positive experience

What does the modern consumer expect? How do we win regular customers if our product has a lot of competition in the market? It is important to remember that a good impression is only made once, and without it customers will not return to our brand.

User experience design is a long-term process that has to start when a brand enters the market and continue throughout its development. However, what is user experience in general, i.e. user experience (UX)? By this we mean the entire experience that the user of an interactive product has when using it. Usually, this term is used in the context of electronic devices, software or websites. The user experience can be both positive and negative. Experience design is therefore very important, as it determines how consumers perceive a brand, whether they will return to it and recommend it to their friends.

The impression is built from the very beginning. This needs to be done with visual and content factors to encourage the user to use the company's products on a regular basis. Today's consumers have very high expectations in terms of the quality, appearance and even popularity of a product or site. Their expectations have increased with the emergence of a large number of competitors in the market, which has helped to create healthy rivalry. It is becoming harder and harder for companies to compete on the product itself, its availability or even the price, because we live in an age where the most important factor is to make a good impression and how the product is presented and sold.

It is possible to distinguish six factors of which UX is made up:

  1. Credibility
  2. Findability
  3. Usability
  4. Availability
  5. Attractiveness
  6. Functionality

When all these factors are taken into account when designing the experience, you can be sure that the brand has taken the right path to build the desired experience with customers. This should be done in such a way that they become attached to the product on offer. After all, it is not about creating a brand that is perceived as one of many on the market, but about creating an unmistakable image. It goes without saying that this strategy will not only make the company stand out in the marketplace, but above all increase its profits.

Today's consumer expects an innovative approach to themselves, the company and the product. Experience design aims to meet these needs, to win the customer's trust, to make them smile, to tie them to the brand and to make the company stand out from the competition. When building and developing a brand, it is worth keeping this concept in mind.


Text author: Ola