Marketing? Focus on values

Gone are the days when marketing efforts were focused solely on the product or consisted only of informing potential customers about a company's offering. Today, companies wishing to win the hearts of consumers should focus entirely on... people.

In value marketing, a company's task is to get to know its customers, their needs, desires and concerns as well as possible, all in order to reach not only their minds, but also their emotions. A holistic (total) approach to the customer, as a multidimensional, value-driven human being, is not limited to meeting their needs. The aim of such marketing efforts is to make the world a better place.

The fundamental values of value marketing include empathy, responsibility, authenticity, sincerity and cooperation, as they help a company to differentiate itself from its market competitors and gain a significant advantage over them. Today's companies are proving that economic and social goals can be complementary, so these values must be the foundation of the entire company and should be pursued together with its customers, business partners or shareholders. This is the only way for organisations to reach the minds and emotions of consumers.

It is also important for companies to build a story around their brand on these values, because although there will always be someone who may doubt a company's good intentions, the added value of the product and a deep idea that customers can identify with are nevertheless essential in this type of marketing effort.

It should be remembered that the task of companies using the concept of value marketing is to create products and services in such a way that they satisfy the deep needs of consumers, including emotional and spiritual needs. Therefore, an organisation should treat its customers as close partners - only such cooperation will turn them into prosumers, i.e. true ambassadors of their brands.


Text author: Ewelina