We are Good! A few words about the Noble Parcel

We are sure you will agree with us that the upcoming Christmas should be a joyful time. Unfortunately, not everyone can fully enjoy the upcoming season, so we decided to give something of ourselves to others and joined the Noble Parcel team.

You are certainly familiar with Father Jacek Stryczek's initiative. Let us just remind you that the main message of the Noble Parcel is to help people in a difficult material situation. Therefore, we could not be indifferent to such an initiative and decided to contribute to it. We filled in the necessary forms and went into action.

A special place was designated in our office where we collected essential items for the family of five that we decided to support. Day after day, our temporary storage area filled up with toys, clothes, food and other necessary materials.

After two weeks, the long-awaited day of the creation of our Noble Parcel has arrived and today we can already boast - we have collected twenty-two cartons filled to the brim with gifts. At this point we would also like to thank our clients: Brest, DUBI, Funtronic, Men Expert Survival Race, STAG and Exceptional Gift, who joined in the creation of the Noble Parcel from Good One PR.

And finally, a thought like this... We certainly won't stop there, because it's worth helping!!! 🙂


Text author: Asia