What did "New Year's Eve with Andrzej Duda" show?

The Facebook event New Year's Eve with the President has been in the news in recent weeks. It attracted more than 500 000 followers and was widely publicised in many media. The event was also a regular topic on portals such as Kwejk and Wykop. We decided to find out what the most important lessons could be drawn from it.

  1. President Duda "knows how to go online"


Andrzej Duda has already proved more than once that he is aware of how important the Internet users are to him as a group of voters, which is why since the beginning of his term we have witnessed several interesting activities aimed at gaining their sympathy. So far, the most important event has been a session of writing back live to the comments of Wykop.pl users. However, the fact that the popularity of the event 'New Year's Eve with Andrzej Duda' was included in the Presidential Couple's New Year's wishes resonated so positively with Internet users that it will certainly remain in their memories for a long time. This raises the interesting question of whether we will see more of such campaigns in the future to create the image of politicians?

  1. The power of a single entry


Prior to 31 December, fake celebrity accounts such as Mariusz Pudzianowski, Arkadiusz Milik and Donald Trump, created specifically for this purpose, were posting their humorous entries on the event page. However, one of the most popular and most commented posts did not belong to a fake account, but was the official profile of the Polish police and included a 'friendly' reminder that curfew begins at 10 p.m. The topic of this comment was covered by many media outlets, which shows how little it takes to create a positive image.

  1. The idea is still the most important


340,000 people declared their 'participation' in the event with the president, while an additional 226,000 observed it. This means that a total of 566,000 Facebook users followed the event. The most popular fan pages of well-known brands have "only" 3 to 4 times as many followers after a few years of running and intensive activities. This shows that we are not yet living in an age where "everything has already been done" and there is still room for good ideas that are able to promote themselves... on their own.


Text author: Christopher

Image source: memes.co.uk