Are you applying for a job in PR? Don't lie!

When going for a job interview, everyone tries to appear as good as possible - this is obvious. Unfortunately, some candidates deceive recruiters by extending their actual length of service, others brag about experience they don't have. Does this behaviour make sense? Of course not.

People who apply for a job in a PR agency should have certain predispositions. These include a very good command of proper Polish, the ability to write and edit texts, and to build positive relations with journalists and the immediate environment. However, when a candidate for a PR position boasts of experience that he does not have - carrying out large projects on his own, an impressive number of publications, talking about outstanding achievements while significantly extending his length of service - there is no way that a recruiter who is well-prepared for an interview will not expose the candidate's incompetence. Even if he or she manages to cover up his or her lack of knowledge and gets his or her dream job... he or she will soon be confronted with his or her own experience, which is required when handling PR projects independently. Then it may turn out that the account has never created a strategy and that the press releases he has written leave a lot to be desired.

Recruitment meetings with people who are not competent for a given position are a waste of time for both the recruiter and the person concerned. Therefore, it is worthwhile gaining experience and increasing one's competence, and putting real achievements in the CV, which in the future will certainly result in a job at the desired position.


Author of the text: Marta