PR in the packaging industry

Karton, folia, papier, taśma, sznurek. Wydawać się może, że produkty opakowaniowe to kilka znanych od lat rozwiązań, a ich dystrybutorzy konkurować mogą co najwyżej ceną. Taka sytuacja to spore wyzwanie dla ekspertów od PR.  W rzeczywistości branża opakowań pełna jest innowacyjnych technologii, a odpowiednia komunikacja ułatwia wprowadzanie ich na rynek i wspiera sprzedaż.  Buduje też pożądany wizerunek… Continue reading PR w branży opakowaniowej

PR for the EdTech industry - how to do it right?

As online learning grows in popularity, so does the educational technology industry. One of its key players is Novakid, an English language learning platform for children. Good One PR Agency has been conducting effective, comprehensive B2C and B2B public relations activities for it for nearly three years. The tools we used, such as communication... Continue reading PR dla branży EdTech – jak robić to dobrze?

A challenging year for the industry - 2023 through the eyes of our agency

The year 2023 was revolutionary in many ways and for many industries. As predicted, our industry was impacted by new technologies, most notably AI. Companies also headed down the ESG path in large numbers. The general election, in turn, triggered a personnel reshuffle across the media market (and beyond). Artificial intelligence, stupid! The slogan "artificial ... Continue reading PRacowity rok dla branży, czyli 2023 okiem naszej Agencji

PR in the agricultural industry - how to do it effectively?

Many people associate farmers with a very stereotypical image - simple men, distrustful of innovation, working hard physically on their piece of land. Meanwhile, farmers today are thriving entrepreneurs, eager to embrace new technologies and open to new knowledge and development. Therefore, building PR communications around an agriculture-related business can be an effective way to... Continue reading PR w branży rolniczej – jak zrobić to skutecznie?

PR activities in the automotive industry. It is not only big brands such as Opel and Audi that use public relations

Promoting products and services from the automotive sector is quite a challenge for PR departments. The industry, at first glance, is associated with difficult technical language. However, PR activities in this industry - as in any other - are an inseparable element of the communication strategy and image-building of a given company. If you want to conduct effective communication, it is worth betting not only on... Continue reading Działania PR w branży motoryzacyjnej. Nie tylko duże marki, jak Opel czy Audi wykorzystują public relations

Professional business image - what counts?

Professional business image is a very capacious concept. However, it is undoubtedly an important part of building a company's reputation or an individual's career. Whether we are talking about ourselves or a company, it all comes down to one thing: how we want others to perceive us. Building a business image is therefore worth treating as part of our own or a company's communication.... Continue reading Profesjonalny wizerunek biznesowy – co się liczy?

The 4 lives of a report - how to get media attention for your own report | Promoting an industry report

A factual report based on the client's own analyses is undoubtedly one of the most valuable materials that can be released to the media as part of PR activities. Appropriate communication allows not only expert positioning of the client, but also publication of the results in major titles. If, in addition, the data are sufficiently unique and valuable, the media use them repeatedly, which ... Continue reading 4 życia raportu – jak zdobyć zainteresowanie mediów raportem własnym | Promocja raportu branżowego

How does ethical communication create success? A few words about building brand image and trust

In the digital age, where information spreads rapidly and the public is critical of the actions of corporations, ethics in Public Relations takes on a new dimension. Now, more than ever, it plays a key role in shaping brand trust. It is particularly important when reporting on the ESG activities carried out, which more and more organisations are being held accountable for, but also during situations... Continue reading Jak etyczna komunikacja kreuje sukces? Kilka słów o budowaniu wizerunku i zaufania do marki

Why should your company have a press office?

The press office is the command centre of a company's communication with its audience and the place from which the most important information from the life of our organisation flows outwards. What are the benefits of having a press office, what are its tasks and how do you run it to take care of your organisation's image? The press office - the main tasks The soon to be launched... Continue reading Dlaczego Twoja firma powinna mieć biuro prasowe?

Product launch. How to achieve success through PR activities?

Launching a product or extending an offer with another service is quite a challenge. At a time when competition is not sleeping and consumer attention is increasingly fleeting, even the most groundbreaking idea can go unnoticed without the right public relations activities. Find out how working with a PR agency can translate into interest in your company's new offering and long-term... Continue reading Wprowadzenie produktu na rynek. Jak osiągnąć sukces dzięki działaniom PR?