How to work effectively with a PR agency?

Business people reading newspaper

If you are an entrepreneur and you are about to launch a new product, you are looking for an effective way to reach specific audiences, or you want to promote your business and gain a competitive advantage, it is very likely that you will direct your steps to a public relations agency. If you want the collaboration between you to be effective, it's worth remembering these 5 simple rules. Take care... Continue reading Jak efektywnie współpracować z agencją PR?

Good One PR creates its next Noble Parcel

Supporting local initiatives, environmental activities or charity campaigns are just some of the CSR activities undertaken by Polish companies. We have become involved in the Szlachetna Paczka (Noble Parcel) campaign for another year in a row. We also invited our customers to join the campaign. What was the result? Answer below. Corporate social responsibility activities not only support the solution of specific social problems, but... Continue reading Good One PR tworzy swoją kolejną Szlachetną Paczkę

A PR professional's holiday without looking at work email and phone? It's possible! All you need is...

Every month of a PR specialist's work is filled to the brim with tasks. Creating press releases, meetings with clients, arranging interviews, organising events or creative dispatches are just some of the agency employees' tasks. So how do you plan a holiday among so many responsibilities? It turns out that all you need to do is organise everything well before you leave, so that you are not preoccupied with business matters while you are on holiday.... Continue reading Urlop PR-owca bez zaglądania do służbowego maila i telefonu? To możliwe! Wystarczy tylko…